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Fri, 12/06/2019 - 20:18

Hair Dye Deadly, French Strike, People Grumpy

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640 Trucking company bankruptcies in Australia this year, and over a thousand truck driving jobs gone in November alone. Greatest Depression coming insouciant Australians.

I can see Govt increasing pension age to 70. 

Thank you for posting the information. Not happy that people are losing their livelihood. 


In the UK the local councils have taken out LOBO Loans (Lender Option Borrower Option) and my Council has to the tune of £152,000,000. In the Council catchment area there are approximately 62000 inhabitants. We pay Council Tax based on our property sizes and there are various bands varying from £1000 up to £3500 or more per annum depending on size and amenity. Retirement ages have been increased from 65 to 67 years by the slimy politicians. The LOBO Loans are rolled over annually for a duration up to 67 years which computes to almost £2500 per head of local population annually. We are being used as surety for the LOBO Loans and that is why the retirement age has been increased to 67, not the Bee Ess they tell you. All the money collected in national and local taxes in the UK is diverted to Citibank North America (Bloombergs) but on the Giro Cheques and Statements we receive it states that it goes to Barclay's Bank in Canary Wharf London. When we do an IBAN check and a Sort Code check it proves that they are lying. If you don't believe this go and check it out for yourselves. This my friends is called money laundering and the criminals in government should be prosecuted under RICO Laws. Taxes do not fund local or national services as they tell you. There is no need whatsoever for anyone to pay tax other than to enrich the Oligarchs who rule the world. It also shows that we have a hidden world government to which the wealth of the world is aggregated. Here's a hint as to who it is: All roads lead to Rome. Check out these websites where a wealth of eye opening information exists.

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Happy day???  NOT with gold going down again.  Triple damn!  With all the debt, all the stimulus, all the fake money .. it makes no sense gold is going down. GOLD PRICE IS STILL BEING MANIPULATED, like everything else.

Oh come on, you sound like Max Keiser. Hmm?

Don't worry though. The FED can still redeem its Gold Certificates at

about $42.22 a fine troy ounce. See, some dollars are just more equal than other dollars.

In short, you are right and I also agree with your observation.

Don't fret it.   Gold is not for day trading.   Gold price in 1999 was $287..; how much is gold today?   

Gold is money and there is a "cost" of money.   I use TIP:SHY as one way to track it.   

Gold is readying itself to launch higher.    

Ignore any perceived "manipulation."   Yes, the FED is desperately trying to blow more air in the bubble they popped last year.

Mr Market will push interest rates (cost of money) higher and gold will go higher... much higher.    

Once faith and confidence in our bogus monetary system is "finally" and COMPLETELY destroyed by the elitist globalist banksters

gold owners can finally say...  told ya so.  We won't have to wait much longer.  Patience, grasshopper.  

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Keep hearing it’s the American Citizens financial health keeping the economy afloat..

I see our financial health much like our physical health; sickly...

a matter of time - when we’re taken off life support - literally...

National Debt $23trillion and counting...Ouch!!