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Fri, 09/20/2019 - 20:14

Repo Market Shock, Iran Warns of War

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Submitted by Dave from L.A. on Fri, 09/20/2019 - 21:43 Permalink


You know, GC, the part about this clip that I found most fascinating was the self-restraint of the people who were laughing and clapping, that they spontaneously didn't burst out a "Hail satan" during this confession.  Let's remember the words of the Prince of Peace, where he warned us that a corrupt tree can only produce bad fruit.  I re-iterate my warning to anyone who believes in the Prince of Peace, and in truth, we are mandated to use our discernment, and falling for a lie is not allowed.  It is not a legitimate excuse.

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Gerald, along with the side effects, one of the major problems with antidepressants and antipsychotics is that they cause a dependency so it is hard to come off them. Not only do they cause dependency but there is very little support out there or expertise in relation to bringing people safely off these dangerous drugs. Psychiatrists say these drugs are not addictive thereby implying that they do not cause dependency but I beg to differ. Some of their drugs are not addictive in the sense that they provide a pleasure that makes one seek constant gratification from, but what they do is create a lot of pain during withdrawal through a terrible feeling known as akathisia. I’m speaking of some antipsychotics that is. They create sleeping problems and all other sorts of unwanted problems during withdrawal and it makes the process very difficult. So there is a con out there to convince the public that the original symptoms of depression or other psychotic conditions like schizophrenia or bipolar are permanent states when they’re not. It’s just that it becomes hard to withdraw from them. Add to all this the fact that the authorities can force drug a person through unwanted injections as well and it becomes an uphill battle for those who want to come off these harmful drugs. Worst of all is that the patients are not being heard in regards to their choice of treatment no matter how hard they yell, it is seen as a sign that they are not reasoning properly and a sign of the condition. As a sufferer of this system I have come to understand that depression is caused by feelings of low self worth that are a result of an inability to exercise will power or self control over ones impulses. Hence the weight gain, sexual dysfunction or hypersexuality in some cases, gambling problems, etc. How can person feel good about themselves when they have no control over themselves, when they have very little autonomy? It’s that simple but no matter how much a person tries to point it out they don’t listen and the fact is that certain drugs, I can’t speak for all of them, but certain drugs have precisely that effect, that they severely weaken a man’s control over himself. This may also explain why many who are on these drugs are prone to suicide. I don’t know what the solution is but in my own case I just want to be left alone to fight it out on my own but I’m prevented from doing so because of the states intervention.

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Oh Gerald. Come on now. Iran. What have they got anyway? Some 3000 years of history. Phew! Beat them with one hand behind our back?

Scratching me old propaganda swayed head and a random thought comes up, "Uh yeah. remember VEEtNAM, that little pipsqueak nation with 2300 years of history and two time victor over the forces of the Mongol Empire. How did that turn out for us?"


Uh, maybe we is being sold a bill of goods huh?

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And may I add the 75 billion emergency daily  liquidity by the NY fed?  Started Tuesday and throughout 3rd.  It's only 1/2 trillion.  I would guess banks choked on repos.  

Max, with the world choking on monetary methadone to death, the biggest concern in the so-called media aka ministry of propaganda are vaping deaths!!!

LA - Could not agree more on the vape clogging lungs, meanwhile the repo market is the clogged system.  This 75 BILLION daily injection  via  NY  Fed is unprecedented 300 billion this week? And continues ... Sounds like a Leamen brothers moment....not a peep on networks.   But my TV time  is about a peep.  

Going to be very interesting to observe the future of interest rates to negative.  Which will kick the can but signal a certain doom.  

Enjoy your new emissions standards in Cali ... Which remembering the early 1980s smog pictures in LA.  I do admire and applaud the state for its emissions standards and prop 65 .. Which could be rolled back?  Insane.   As we all know the nicotine in vape, will lead to buying a pack of smokes, lead by the big  tobacco lobbying law makers to ban vape.  Which are sub companies owned by big tobacco, who targeted the next generation not interested in cigarette smoking  only to become smokers  buy deception. 

Crazy times.   

Max Payne,

If I remember back in 2008-or 09 the pumped about 800 billion into the banks . Then they called it QE. They are over half way there in less than a week and no one is talking about QE yet.

Omlyme-  Yes remember those years it well , and equities responded accordingly .. GC pointed out P/E valuations ..bloated in relation to 08... So yea, a trillion here and there makes one wonder what is QE?  Are tariffs QE?  Last I checked have not gotten my tariff rebate check in the mail, so it's a tax in my book, tariff  dollars to go the treasury.  So, we're probably on QE 39x and don't even know it.  And the media?  Like LA posted, and GC preaches its dead. (But vaping is bad and Macy's is having a sale) Garbage news.

As a child, my Great grandfather, grandfather taught me about "politicians and bankers"... Often I rock in the old rocking chair..Thinking not much has changed except there is no investigation media left. This seems to be the last thread of "reasonable accurate information to consider"  with that said, the "global" slowdown/take down is tough for me to get my arms around, however this weekly edition is enough "mental candy" for 8 days.  

Think about the Trends moving from quarterly, to monthly, to weekly?  And the reasoning behind it... "Things are moving to rapidly to keep you informed..GC"

So, I'm going trout fishing and working on "making time" to not forget the extreme beauty of mother nature, and wishing the best for all.


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Interested Parties,

Fred Reed posted a very pregnant piece on Unz Review discussing our great military.

Just some things to ponder on our way to hell.

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I was  listening to a podcast on the 12th, and the speaker was saying, he could see the CIA, launching an attack on Saudi Arabia oil fields and blaming Iran. Then it happened on the 13th. I’m  curious, if Iran wanted to raise oil prices, why did the attack on the weekend? Why did they attack on Monday? Something is fishy here.