Top Trend Forecasts by Gerald Celente


Trend ForecastDateSource
The Gold Bull Run06/2019Trend Alert
"Brick-and-Mortar Bounce" (growth for smart brick & mortar retailers despite rise in online shopping)12/2017Trends Journal
"Reefer Money Madness" (forecast of a promising future for the medical marijuana industry)12/2016Trends Journal
“No More Cash” (upcoming trend to a cashless society and the rise of Cryptocurrency)08/2016Trends Journal
Trump to become President05/2016Trends Journal
"Breeding Robots" (robots assuming an accelerating number of humans’ tasks)12/2015Trends Journal
"The Presidential Reality Show®"12/2015Trends Journal
"Self-Sustainability"12/2015Trends Journal
"Human Waves" (huge flow of immigrants into other countries; immigration policy to remain a hot-button issue in America)01/2015Trends Journal
The "Groping Trend" (public outcry over new TSA safety measures)11/2010Fox News
"Off With Their Heads" global spread of rebellions)10/2010Trends Journal
"Survivalism"02/2010Trends Journal
The coming "Greatest Depression"12/2008Trends Journal
"Little People Squeeze" (squeezing taxpayers for every last cent)12/2008Trends Journal
The "Panic of '08" (financial meltdown)12/2007Trends Journal
The 2nd American Revolution12/2007Trends Journal
Tax Protests12/2007Trends Journal
"Economic 9/11" (prediction of Sept. 2008 financial calamity)12/2007Trends Journal
Credit Crisis to Hit Financial Markets by end of 200712/2006Trends Journal
Seccessionist Movements12/2006Trends Journal
Medical Tourism12/2006Trends Journal
Recession/Depression Chic12/2006Trends Journal
Uptrend in Security/Home Protection Services10/2006Trends Journal
Rise in Healthcare Industry Jobs10/2006Trends Journal
Internet TV10/2005Trends Journal
Decline of U.S. Automakers10/2005Trends Journal
Real Estate Peak/Decline to Follow12/2004Trends Journal
The "Great Recession" to begin in 200701/2004Trends Journal
U.S. to Lose Iraq War (one month before the war began)02/2003Trend Alert
Gold Bull Run to Begin12/2001Trends Journal
Pre-9/11 Warning12/2000USA Today
"Recession Proofing" (how to prepare for 2001 Recession)12/2000Trends Journal
The "Anti-Americanism" trend12/2000Trends Journal
"Dot-com Bust" to hit by second quarter of 200010/1999Trends Journal
"Wired and Out of Touch" (techno-addiction)10/1999Trends Journal
"Too Big to Fail" 12/1998Trends Journal
"Occupy Wall Street"01/1998Trends 2000
Asian Financial Crisis01/1998Trends 2000
The "Ghost Malling of America"01/1998Trends 2000
McMansions to Boarding Houses06/1997Trends Journal
"Involuntary Simplicity" (downsizing trend)12/1995Trends Journal
"Back to the Land" 03/1995Trends Journal
"Microfarming"03/1994Trends Journal
"Technotribalism" (rise in social networking)10/1993Trends Journal
The "New Crusades"10/1993Trends Journal
The "Buy Local" trend10/1993Trends Journal
Gourmet Coffee09/1991Trend Tracking
"Clean Foods" (go Organic) trend 09/1991Trend Tracking
Latino Market to Boom09/1991Trend Tracking
1987 Stock Market Crash01/1987Trends Research Institute Press Release

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