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The Institute's team of analysts provide ongoing forecasts across a wide range of topics, from global economics to geopolitics, from health and education to pop culture and more. For more than 25 years, these unique, detailed, timely forecasts have helped individuals, families, organizations and even industries understand the trends taking shape and how to act on them


Keynote Speaker Engagements
Gerald Celente, Trends Research Institute Founder and Director, is a dynamic, passionate and deeply knowledgeable keynote speaker. He has addressed audiences around the globe. His presentations will make you think, understand and act.


The Trends Research Institute provides clients with an understanding of what to expect in the future and how best to deal with it. Armed with on-time/real-time trend data, Institute staff and consultants work with clients to develop action-based strategies in anticipation of what may happen and strategies to prepare for the unexpected.


In past years, the Trends Research Institute hosted series of annual symposiums designed to bring individuals, groups, business leaders and other organizations together for conferences at its historic facilities in the heart of Colonial Kingston, in New York's Hudson Valley.

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A clear voice in a confused world, The Trends Research Institute delivers trends research you need to develop concrete strategies, specific products and on-trend services that will help you thrive in todays fiercely competitive and increasingly challenging global marketplace. We can teach you to make informed decisions about expansion, diversification, product development, repositioning and downsizing, even marketing, advertising and promotion plans.


A network of 25 experts whose range of specialties would rival many university faculties.


The Standard and Poors of popular culture.

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