While the media continues to fan the flames of fear by citing continual increases in the reported cases of COVID-19, they fail to emphasize the fact that fewer people are dying from it.

In April and May, for example, as many as 3,000 deaths a day were being recorded across the United States. That number is now down to around 600.

In fact, as the media keeps pounding out the spike in cases that are averaging between 50,000 and 60,000 per day over the past week and a half, they fail to announce the decline in daily deaths. Yesterday, 465 people died of the virus in America… with a population of 330 million people.

As we have reported, the reason for the increase in coronavirus cases primarily is due to extensive testing. In the early spring, only about 100,000 test per day were being conducted compared to more than 600,000 per day currently. And, as has been the case from the beginning, the vast majority of those with the virus are either asymptomatic or have symptoms so minor they don’t report to a doctor.

It should also be noted the WHO previously had said asymptomatic transmission was “very rare.”

While the media continues to generate more “doom and gloom” headlines, as states struggle to reopen after the hard lockdown, with the exception of a few states where virus cases are spiking, most states are not experiencing stress on hospitals. According to the “COVID Tracking Project,” the number of Americans reporting to hospitals with COVID-19 symptoms dropped by some 50 percent between April and June.

Again, the numbers are rising because more people are getting tested.

Another strategy of the mainstream media to induce anxiety is the harping of the fact that substantially more young people (under the age of 40) are contracting the virus.

What they ignore or bury well within the reporting is the fact that, again, the rise in cases is a result of increased testing, and young people are not nearly as vulnerable to the virus unless they are obese, diabetic, or have a chronic heart disease or respiratory issues.

According to the CDC, “As you get older, your risk for severe illness from COVID-19 increases. The greatest risk for severe illness from COVID-19 is among those aged 85 or older.”


  1. Philip Zyrski 3 weeks ago

    Mainstream media is a waste of time. Not to mention how their mis and dis-information causes hysteria and panic among the general population. Go to Trends in the News and get the facts that relieve you of the mainstream media hype, fear and hysteria.

  2. kupper 3 weeks ago

    The media ALL News Stations + NY Times + WAPO should be shut down for 18 months for Treason
    Spreading lies falsehoods conducting psychological warfare against US citizens and inciting panic and riot

    Arrest all the Management

    Ban all their reporters from taking any media job anywhere or just lock them up

  3. dascallyon 3 weeks ago

    “As we have reported, the reason for the increase in coronavirus cases primarily is due to extensive testing.”
    Yes, and those of us in healthcare are being mandated to get swabbed as a condition for gaining employment at hospitals. This will evolve to include everyone in any branch of medicine sooner or later. Medical facilities will then be required to sideline us as many will no doubt turn up positive thus creating a shortage of specialized healthcare workers. Deaths will increase as a result.

  4. JustSayin 3 weeks ago

    Most people believe this dystopia only occurs in movies, and would never actually happen to them.

  5. Anthony Iovino 3 weeks ago

    The media is a threat to this Republic and is working for the Deep State. Most information is for propaganda purposes and to control the masses for their next step on the ladder to slavery.

  6. atlantis 3 weeks ago

    Never seen anything quite so grotesquely STUPID as American Main Stream Media

  7. John Spiziri 3 weeks ago

    Atlantis: I’ve got your ‘Grotesquely Stupid’ right here in Pennsylvania in the person of Gov. Wolfe who just did a reversal on some businesses….heaven forbid if you are in the restaurant business in some PA counties.

  8. Nick Steed 2 weeks ago

    Australia just announced it will take months to control the current outbreak. 267 new cases in a nation of 25,000,000 people. The virus continues to ravage NYC, where 0.00012% of the population is succumbing to the disease every day.

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