“THE NEW ABNORMAL” by Stephen Green

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  1. harlow53 4 months ago

    Today is Christmas Eve 2020. The tyranny of the various US Governors, current World Economic Forum, WHO, Intrusion of various United Nations organizations, Democrat Party Radicals, Republican Party Rhinos, European Union controlled by the Germans and Brussels politicians solidifies the US and EUROPEAN TRYANTS using COVID-19 as a catalyst to bring the One World Government to fruitation in 2021 and beyond!!!

    Another Trend overlooked in this era of tyranny is the RISE if the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese conquest of the World under the BELT AND ROAD PROJECTS that are being supported by so-called Democracies and Progressive radicals like BLM and Anti-fa radicals supported by billionaires and NGOs across the world.

    From my perspective, it am seeing a massive movement worldwide to embrace FASCISM and various interpretations of Communism. In summary, the fraudulently elected government to take power in 2021 is another corrupt government that mirrors the past 40 years of Democrat rule by corruption and Wars for the Rich and Elites. As the Great Depression takes hold in 2021, the hopes of the WEF to bring about a GREAT RESET will ultimately because the human race will not be subdued and forfeit their freedom!!!

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