24-Hour Fitness, the fourth-largest U.S. gym chain with more than 400 workout centers, emailed an undisclosed number of fitness instructors, personal trainers, and salespersons on 8 June, asking them to join a 10 June phone conference to learn of “important company updates.”

On the call, workers learned they all were being laid off immediately.

The workers were paid for one hour of time for taking part in the call.

Afterward, the terminated workers were emailed again, giving information about final paychecks, eligibility to be rehired, and other details.

Gold’s Gym, with about 180 locations in more than 15 countries, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in early May.

  1. Jay Jericho 2 months ago

    Like Starbucks, this is a great choice for a case study – as an industry. When the purse gets super tight, a lot of people realize that they can jog in the park and do sit ups on the lawn for free. Some cities have free community swimming pools. A gym membership is largely about social status and a social outing for many. Good luck to them. Was a member for years.

  2. iqjr2@msn.com 2 months ago

    As a senior citizen my preference for health clubs is the use of their saunas, steam rooms, and whirlpools.
    I could always jog outside in decent weather when I was younger and had my own weights to lift. Sorry for those fitness instructors that lost their jobs; they should consider teaching licenses in health and hygiene.

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