Celente's Forecasts

Forecast Date Source
The Gold Bull Run June, 2019 Trend Alert
The New Millennial Political Party December, 2017 Trends Monthly
Brick-and-Mortar Bounce, "Death of Malls" December, 2017 Trends Monthly
"Reefer Money Madness" December, 2016 Trends Monthly
Cashless Society and the Rise of Cryptocurrency August, 2016 Trends Journal
Trump would become President May, 2016 Trends Journal
"Breeding Robots" December, 2015 Trends Monthly
"Presidential Reality Show®" December, 2015 Trends Monthly
"Self-Sustainability" December, 2015 Trends Monthly
"Human Waves" January, 2015 Trends Monthly
The "Groping Trend" (Stripping Americans of their Dignity) November, 2010 Fox News
"Off With Their Heads" (Global spread of rebellions) October, 2010 Trends Journal
"Survivalism" February, 2010 Trends Journal
The Coming "Greatest Depression" December, 2008 Trends Journal
"Little People Squeeze" (squeezing taxpayers for every last cent) December, 2008 Trends Journal
The "Panic of '08" (financial meltdown) December, 2007 Trends Journal
The 2nd American Revolution December, 2007 Trends Journal
Tax Protests December, 2007 Trends Journal
"Economic 9/11" (prediction of Sept. 2008 financial calamity) December, 2007 Trends Journal
Credit Crisis to Hit Financial Markets (by end of 2007) December, 2006 Trends Journal
Seccessionist Movements December, 2006 Trends Journal
Medical Tourism December, 2006 Trends Journal
Recession/Depression Chic December, 2006 Trends Journal
Uptrend in Security/Home Protection Services October, 2006 Trends Journal
Rise in Healthcare Industry Jobs October, 2006 Trends Journal
Internet TV December, 2005 Trends Journal
Decline of U.S. Automakers October, 2005 Trends Journal
Real Estate Peak - Decline to Follow December, 2004 Trends Journal
The "Great Recession" (to begin in 2007) January, 2004 Trends Journal
U.S. to Lose Iraq War (one month before the war began) February, 2003 Trend Alert
Gold Bull Run to Begin December, 2001 Trends Journal
Pre 9/11 warning December, 2000 USA Today
2001 Recession/"Recession Proofing" (how to prepare) December, 2000 Trends Journal
The Anti-Americanism trend December, 2000 Trends Journal
Dot-com Bust (to hit by second quarter of 2000) October, 1999 Trends Journal
"Wired and Out of Touch" (techno-addiction) October, 1999 Trends Journal
"Too-Big-to-Fail" trend December, 1998 Trends Journal
"Occupy Wall Street" January, 1998 Trends 2000
Asian Financial Crisis January, 1998 Trends 2000
The Ghost Malling of America January, 1998 Trends 2000
McMansions to Boarding Houses June, 1997 Trends Journal
"Involuntary Simplicity" (downsizing trend) December, 1995 Trends Journal
"Back to the Land" trend March, 1995 Trends Journal
Microfarming March, 1994 Trends Journal
"Technotribalism" (rise in social networking) October, 1993 Trends Journal
The New Crusades October, 1993 Trends Journal
"Buy Local" trend October, 1993 Trends Journal
Gourmet Coffee September, 1991 Trend Tracking
"Clean Foods"/Organic trend September, 1991 Trend Tracking
Latino Market to Boom September, 1991 Trend Tracking
1987 Stock Market Crash January, 1987 Trends Research Institute Press Release