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  1. Philip Zyrski 6 months ago

    This is where the “Fake Econonics” or “Garbage Econonics” come into play. Umm…market highs? I wonder what’s causing that? Capital improvements and effectiveness? No! It’s corporate stock buy backs. It’s also mergers and aquisitions too. Oh, I wonder how Trump’s tax breaks for corporations who now pay 21% federal taxes? Did that go to providing quality jobs to American citizens? No! No trickle down econonics never occurred, but the executive compensations and bonuses have occurred. Good gracious! Our stock and capital markets are at an all time high! What’s causing that…humm? I wonder if employee production and proper compensation reflects the company’s true value? No! The Federal Reserve and its Repo-Market contributed at least 6 trillion U.S. (printed) dollars into the market via hedge funds and traders. Can anyone in their right mind and sentience call this an economy? This is an outright scam, sham, scheme and scandal.

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