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Dashible, Inc. a leading SaaS provider to independent retail businesses, is introducing the world's first NFT (Non-Fungible Token) marketplace for clients. 

Local companies of all sizes will be able to generate and sell NFTs via the VIPnft.biz marketplace.  The marketplace utilizes Polygon, a Layer-2 blockchain that speeds transactions and lowers costs while remaining compatible with the Ethereum blockchain network.

The NFTs will function as blockchain-powered VIP cards, providing holders with special perks at the companies who issue the NFTs.

Dashible's Locally Sourced NFTs will be made in collaboration with local artists and producers who have a connection to the community, in keeping with the company's goal of offering value to local companies and the community, according to a press statement.

"Our new NFT offering will let local businesses get ahead of the NFT curve and allow everyday consumers to purchase NFTs that actually provide benefits in the physical world as well as being digital works of art," said Dashible's CEO, Marvin Johnson. 

One notable feature of the Dashible issued NFTs is that their code includes location data which can be displayed within the Dashible mobile app and "activated" when the holder is at or near the location(s) built into the NFT code.

If NFTs are resold, a percentage of the proceeds will go to the original artist as well as the sponsoring company, all handled automatically, due to the capabilities that come with NFTs and smart contract technology.

"I am really excited to be one of the first businesses to mint a VIP NFT with Dashible. I have heard so much about NFTs and have wanted to participate. The process seemed so complicated but, thanks to Dashible's initiative, I'm now able to benefit from this groundbreaking technology," said Ming Wei, the owner of Squarrel Cafe in Brooklyn, NY.

"Our mission is to be the super app for local businesses and to provide these businesses access to technologies that are currently reserved for larger companies," said Johnson about the new NFT marketplace launch. 

Dashible is holding a virtual event, “Learn How to Promote Your Business With NFTs,” on June 22 in SoHo, NYC. More info on that event can be found here

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