1. onlyme 2 months ago

    Epoch Times put out a documentary titled “Tracking Down the Origin of Wuhan Coronavirus”
    this weekend. I saw it at zerohedge here:

    Prominent people in the Documentary and for what it’s worth link to their Wikipedia page if available:
    Catherine Yang – The author of the Documentary.
    No Wikipedia here is Linkdin:

    Gordon Chang – China Affairs columnist. No Wikipedia page, best I could find:

    Joshua Phillip – investigative reporter Epoch Times and hosts podcast show “Crossroads”. Primary investigator for this Documentary. No Wikipedia, see this:

    Dr. Sean Lin – former lab director of viral disease branch at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research.
    No Wikipedia page, found this:

    General Robert Spalding – senior fellow at the Hudson Institute and former National Security Council senior strategy director. No Wikipedia page; Found this: and this:

    Judith A Mikovits PhD. – Molecular Biologist, former director of lab of antiviral mechanisms, NCI.

    Shi Zhengli PhD or Dr. (?) – Researcher at Wuhan P4 Bio Lab who has studied Bat Coronaviruses for years and published on her research. (Not used in the Documentary but referenced). Wikipedia:

    Danny Shohan – former Israeli Intelligence Officer. No Wikipedia. Found this:

    Anthony Shaffer – Former CIA trained Intelligence Officer. Wikipedia: (Not positive this is correct person)

    James Grundvig – Investigative Reporter and Author. No Wikipedia but this:

    In this era of disinformation I doubt nearly everything I see and read. But this documentary set off alarm bells and my gut instincts say this is a deep state hit piece on China in line with the move by Trump to switch focus from Russia to China. If so it’s a sign of escalation and desperation on the part of the empire. Remember, The most effective defense of the guilty is to accuse someone else of your crime.

    Please don’t think that I am trying to defend China, Far from it as I recognize that they do bad things just as we do. In fact I am beginning to lean toward the opinion that this was a man-made bio-weapon. The biggest problem is determining who made it and was it released purposefully or accidentally.
    Another big question, was it sponsored by a government, Corporation, WHO or Charitable organization or a combination of these entities?

    I don’t have the capability to go much farther with this but, would like to hear other thoughts on this.

    • Jay Jericho 1 month ago

      Hi Only Me,

      I have been reading the Epoch Times for over a decade, in a few countries. Editions were often handed out for free in Australia at train stations when I lived there. I am not sure about now. I got the feeling that the Epoch Times had good intentions and tried to offer balanced coverage. I think there is a general perception that Epoch is staunchly anti-China to the point that any coverage about Mainland China no longer has partial credibility. I recall spending a few hours online a few years ago trying to trace the ownership of the Epoch Times, as it spends a massive amount of money of staff offices globally, and probably is a net losing enterprise. I came to a dead end on that search. Among the informed, they would probably know exactly how is the arch owner/funding source and agenda of Epoch Times. Probably Taiwanese interests. I am publishing a free book about COVID19 in a week. 100+ pages. The conclusion of this book is relevant to your question. I think it is impossible to know about COVID19: Patient Zero, Ground Zero, who/why/how. This must be one of the most prolific disinformation events of my lifetime. Makes sense – it is the mother of all global economic reset depressions. No one wants to be scapegoated or proven to be the source.

  2. lvblasiotti 1 month ago

    ONLYME: Start your googling with Dr. Francis Boyle.

  3. lvblasiotti 1 month ago

    Pray for these poor oppressed people that the war comes to an end.

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