Oil Prices Rise with Returning Economic Activity. Oil prices are steadily, if slowly, rising again, due to fundamental market forces instead of speculation.

China’s factories are back at work and its economy is gradually turning toward growth. Lockdowns in several nations are being cautiously lifted, putting more . . .

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  1. onlyme 1 month ago

    This trend will save a lot of money on real estate leases. Has anyone seen any indications that corporations are beginning to look at costly non-productive positions that can be either eliminated, outsourced, or automated?
    Thinking Human Resource mostly.

    Meanwhile, while corporations save money (More profit) employees who work from home take on more expense from; lost real estate in home or apartment dedicated to office space, providing their own phone system and probable intrusion of corporate spyware (Voice & Video) into their home. Any indications that employees will receive any compensation for all this?

  2. Bill Dyer 1 month ago

    Also lower wages as the employment pool will be larger and more competition for jobs

  3. Nickels 1 month ago

    I’m just not seeing the tech work from home thing. They’ll try it, but quality will go to the toilet. Its already been going there with the number of people working from home before this.
    Offsite people are worthless.
    Communication will not exist.
    The whole endeavor will turn into a bunch of people chasing irrelevant dead rnds.

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