The recent World Economic Forum’s “Davos Agenda” virtual summit highlighted several “Tech For Good” innovations that appeared to tout not just the utility, but the superiority of AI and robotics compared to humans.

One featured article chronicled what happened when AI and humans met in a strawberry-growing contest (spoiler alert: AI won). The AI and robotics takeover are not seen as a problem by the WEF, potentially rendering billions of humans “non-essential” in the eyes of elites. The organization sees the prospect as a sweet success, as it termed the AI strawberry victory, merely needing good governance: “Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies such as AI are forecast to deliver huge productivity gains – but need the right governance, according to the Global Technology Governance Report 2021.”

Another article depicted automated online censorship of human beings in a favorable light. It focused on an MIT study that showed the optimal placing of warning labels in “false” stories. According to the article, “The research helps inform tools that social media platforms could use, as they look for better methods to label and limit the flow of misinformation online.”

A piece on how AI might soon assist space exploration sounded eerily similar to “Hal 9000” from the sci-fi classic 2001: A Space Odyssey. An AI assistant called Cimon could soon be used to “reduce astronauts’ stress by performing tasks they ask it to do.” According to the WEF, handing over tasks to AI poses no risks, and should not be limited to earthbound applications. Designing missions, and overseeing the clearing of junk around Earth’s orbit, are just a few of the jobs that AI assistants like Cimon might perform.    

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  1. harlow53 2 years ago

    Today I finally realized I am surrounded by people who are tech stupid and accept any false narrative told to them by Technocrats and the World Economic Forum. With the introduction of crypto currencies to replace fiat currencies, the economic power of an individual is destroyed.

    Many individuals who thought they were getting a President who was going to stop the destruction of the US but instead, we were witness ton4 years of a virtual reality show and the eventual corruption of the local, state and federal voting systems and apparatus. Now we are back to the original Deep State and establishment hierarchy that we thought could be dismantled. In fact, with the help and power of the Oligarchs the changes we sought were reversed!

    I argued for 4 years that maybe Trump was honest with his MAGAZINE policies to no avail. I live in a Democrat State with a LGBTQ Governor and First Gentleman and have a Radical Democrat for a wife. For the past three days I listened to the Democrat drivel of Unconstitutional impeachment again. Now that the defense is at the podium, If I turn on the TV to watch the spectacle, I am intimidating her because I am totally against the current political environment and the Pandemic Hoax brought about by the Technocracies. I am being threatened daily with divorce if I disagree with the current living conditions. I am sure I am not alone in this current political and daily living environment.

    As time passes with Biden in the presidency, the environment and political status of those being purged will grow tenuous to say the least!!!

  2. harlow53 2 years ago

    If the WEF thinks we need to rethink governance for implementation of AI and ROBOTICS, perhaps they should put their power and money into dissolving the US Government, ALL Political hack in Washington, Media, Political Parties, Militaries, etc. and put AI and Robotics in charge of running SLAVELANDIA (World Citizenry) with aid of the ELITES and BANKSTERS.. The statements of the WEF certaINLY tend to indicate their view of the future for the Earth is a transhumanism world run by a few with the aid of AI and ROBOTICS as soon as the coming planned wars have eliminated enough humans to utilize a transhumanism Earthly Societal population. Hopefully, at my age, I won’t be around to watch that catastrophe. I only wish I could convince my grand children that the current governance in world governments around the world are planning to sacrifice humans for the elevation of Techno-Autocratic governance in the future and they must be prepared to fight for their human existence over technology.

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