Lockdown’s Job Losses Hit Young Hardest. One of every six people ages 18 to 29 has stopped working since economic shutdowns were imposed across nations, according to a survey conducted by the United Nations’ International Labor Organization (ILO).

The result translates to as many as 200 million . . .

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  1. ZEBB 1 month ago

    And here’s my forecast. When the world goes cashless, which I pray it never will, (a lost cause now), You can bet your bottom dollar, as a normal saver, that you will not get any interest, but may even have to “”pay interest”” for putting your fake money in a fake bank. So you’ll end up looking for a low interest bank, Which the laughing banksters will love!
    Who in the world will have peace of mind when that happens?

  2. shafiqhekmat 1 month ago

    Isn’t that better in a way that organized crime families can’t deal cash anymore and they will be forced to give out some privacy to the authority?

  3. andrej 1 month ago

    Hackers just might take take care of the digital money problem. Credit card number plus that feeble 3 digit so called “security code” on the back of the credit card is no security at all.

    Never in the history of the mankind was pick pocketing that easy. I mean virtual pick pocketing.

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