1. Dave from L.A. 1 month ago

    You know, GC, after 10 years of memorizing the King James Bible, I have come to learn that the meaning of life is truth, peace and love. But the meaning of death is lies, violence and greed. This is the choice that we face as a world right now.

    In regards to another issue that is facing us: forced vaccinations. It is impossible for me to be more against such an idea, but I realized the other day that Alan Dershowitz unfortunately is legally correct that the government can force you to take a vaccination. I, as well as the rest of my family, was forcibly vaccinated by the government when we immigrated to this country from Cuba in 1969. It was the price of admission, and we had no choice. The actual vaccine scarred our left shoulders permanently as proof that we had taken it. And in recent years I was shocked by my best friend when he told me that if his kids were not vaccinated, they couldn’t go to public school. This is not a matter of fighting forced vaccinations, what we have to do is overturn the governments’ unconstitutional right to stick a poison in our body.

  2. Mountain Man 1 month ago

    You need to offer a Trends BS Button for sale with subscription. There’s a market for it.

  3. Frontiersman 1 month ago

    What we are seeing is Round 3 of the fight for world globalist control. Can’t help but notice how we have had 4 years of attempted coup against President Trump, who is not on-board with the post 9-11 permanent world war designed to perpetually fund the military-industrial complex. Notice the phony “war” the US is supposedly fighting against their own creation, ISIS, in the Middle East, designed only to destroy the Syrian state and cement US bases in Iraq used to threaten Iran. Notice how the Iran nuclear agreement proved that Iran had no nuclear weapons program, and the whole nuclear treaty situation was used to bring Iran to heel, as well. All globalist plans – Trump’s hatred of Iran is strictly personal. Notice the phony MH-17 situation caused by Ukraine’s obvious shoot down of the airliner, designed to align all of Europe with US aims to destroy Russia itself, and the proof in the courts that snipers aligned with the blatant US coup in Ukraine plotted to kill both police and protesters in order to stage the final overthrow. Now the globalists want to proceed with their mad schemes to control the entire planet afresh, getting Trump out of the way, Sleepy Joe in, to issue their commandments, right up to the Soros-backed riots occurring on the ground right now, after three years of phony investigations into non-crimes beginning the day Trump assumed office with the General Flynn persecution (as opposed to prosecution). The Obama administration is now proven to have begun the psy-op to destroy the Trump administration days before he assumed office with the ‘unmasking’ of Flynn and the beginning of ‘Russiagate’. Notice how Biden said he was not part of that until it was pointed out that he was in the meetings and signed off on the unmasking. You didn’t see our Imperial Corporate Media make a scandal out of that, did you? Meanwhile, our Goebbel-esque media fans the flames to incite the masses to overthrow the ‘Orange Man’. Now the masters of ‘Slavelandia’ return to their favorite marketing scheme: pumping up the ‘markets’ (sic) to convince the rubes of a new normal. Will Round Three work as well as Round 1 (up to the 2009 crash), and Round Two (up to coronavirus psy-op, failed impeachment, and now orchestrated rioting)??? Not likely, of course. The great wheel of history turns slowly. Somehow justice will prevail and corruption will cease at least of the mad globalist plans, and a new era will begin. Until then, we need to simply sit back and watch the doomed show. Grab your deck chairs, the ship is going down while the band plays on.

  4. vbenson2005 1 month ago

    Three CHINA SYNDROMES total meltdowns planetary death sentence no escaping it .FUKUSHIMA reactor meltdowns .its the Gregory Peck movie ON THE BEACH. BOB NICHOLS says the radiation is too high now. The Pacific Ocean is dead. That’s a huge body of water. It took less than 10 years to kill it . We have an ELE extinction level event. We are doomed!

  5. vbenson2005 4 weeks ago

    William Mount says basically the same thing. Its very demoralizing. So Trump isn’t doing anything? I wrote him about FUKUSHIMA and the 3 CHINA SYNDROMES ! We are all dead!

  6. rodolfogonzalez 4 weeks ago

    I’m sure Mr. C already knows this.. . .
    What is the “Digital Dollar ” option


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