Virus Panic and Financial Suicide

  1. Dave from L.A. 1 week ago

    The people seem to have lost all logic. Logic in the brain is connected to your math skills. You mentioned the Lotto, GC. The overwhelming majority of Americans think that’s a good investment. People with that mentality of course will think that they are the next ones to get the Coronavirus.

  2. Frontiersman 1 week ago

    I can’t help but trace all this madness back to the repeal of Glass-Steagall, which was basically a separation between the investment activities of banks from the use of customer deposits for investment purposes, with restraints on banks securities activities. This was accomplished by the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and condoning the illegal acts of Citibank, at the time. In other words, the economy instantly became a government-sponsored gambling operation after the repeal of the act under the threat of the impeachment of Bill Clinton. Mortgage-backed securities, collateralized debt obligations, further financial rackets based on fantasy capital, on and on. And, when the US federal government had a perfect opportunity to end the out-of- control financialization of the US economy, only the most mild actions were taken such as Dodd-Frank, which were easily undermined by corporate lawyers. Penalties to the investment institutions were outrageously minimal. Millions were foreclosed on, with only a “cost of doing business” imposed on the lenders. The full financialization of the economy was deemed necessary and permanent, as we lost half our industry to Asia as corporate powers sought to exploit low wage foreign labor for profit, with the finishing touch being the massive corporate stock buy-bucks in the last few years, rather than investment in the US economy itself, as intended by Trump and MAGA. Deep inside, all of us in the know knew that eventually all the geniuses of the short-term ‘kick the can’ mentality would lead us to what we see today (a ‘reckoning’). Well, D-Day has arrived, with this present tactic of blaming a virus for our downfall (with the people conditioned to believe it and the intended panic Gerald points out as being a control mechanism). The difference between 1987 or 2000 or 2009 and now is that our population has been strongly encouraged to take on huge amounts of debts – just like our governments – and we now see our assets dwindling and our debts growing – essential deflation and personal bankruptcy, by both corporation and the population at large. Dreams of global domination and control have turned into nightmares. It is now wake-up time for our federal government to end the war for a global Western-controlled economy, and to work for the rebuilding of America – it’s industry, a return to true capitalism, and a return to a true patriotic spirit of “we are all in this together” big and small. And, more importantly, with making foreign nations our friends, and not our enemies. A world world-wide “we’re all in this together”. The US, EU, China, Russia working together to build a just and prosperous world. The spirit generated alone could well get us out of this doomed march. This is wake-up time.

  3. onlyme 1 week ago

    There goes my pension.

  4. atlantis 1 week ago

    Has anyone noticed ? the Pentagon is very active these days testing weapons?? NASA keeps warning about asteroids that could make huge flashes as they touch earth’s atmosphere. A simulation attack on Russian weapons. Something more is going on here while the populace is made to tremble and obey and think Covid-19 ad nauseum. They’ve done such things before. Trump is not in control of anything – and the guy looks sick and worried.
    Anyone else get that intuitive feeling?

  5. atlantis 1 week ago

    P.S. That’s the main reason they are keeping Julian Assange locked up well and good, couldn’t let him loose to expose their intrigues and war plans.

  6. mnpund 1 week ago

    Look guys, we don’t have to discuss what they’re going to do, they’re going to do it, whatever it takes to keep the people in check to carry out their sick plans, whatever they happen to be. It ain’t important to know what their planning, I don’t even want to know, but what we must stand up for is our liberty which they are taking away from us completely, again by doing whatever it takes, by lying, by stealing, by forcing people into bankruptcy, by using the police force. You can see it all unfolding before your eyes. Come on, as if we didn’t know this already before the virus happened. And now, look they are using this opportunity, whether man made or not, who cares, to take away our liberties even further. People, stand up for yourselves, start fighting, if you don’t your dead, it’s as simple as that.

  7. crazyjoecus 1 week ago

    Right on the mark Gerald. I think I could make the case that the globalists released this virus because the impeachment charade failed. When will it be time to turn on the globalists? What will it take?

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