Trends in The News: Markets Will Crash, Should Impeachment Tensions Sharply Spike

Markets Will Crash, Should Impeachment Tensions Sharply Spike

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Submitted by Hehrenberg on Sat, 09/28/2019 - 00:44 Permalink

Gerald, what Trump did with the Ukrainian president was wrong AND created a national security threat because the Ukrainians now have something to hold over Trump. Fortunately we found out first. That is also why his secret conversations with Putin and MBS also create national security threats because they know the illegal things he is willing to do. This is not to excuse any of the terrible things previous presidents did, but today we are only dealing with the current crooked leader. Thanks 

What it is is a red herring as usual to distract from what is really going on.  Trump released the transcript of the conversation immediately and it was nothing to worry about.  It is however criminal what Biden did for his son.

Submitted by Max Payne on Sat, 09/28/2019 - 07:52 Permalink

Personally, my take is ... tonight's broadcast is simply business as usual.  Both parties act as kindergarteners,  and the "media" outlets report as some great division, but it's actually a two headed snake.  Simply continuous reports of the same BS.  

Meanwhile, we bomb, invade, destroy, with zero media  coverage of the actual cost's.  The costs being no  constitutional "vote" on engaging in war making the act technically llegally, and with complete  impurity. Meanwhile we loose our once high moral and ethical values, by being convinced there are two opposing sides. As GC says "where is the outrage?". 

 And as GC  says "it's a global take down" "Think for yourself"...  "The presidential reality show 2020" to " The greatest depression" .... "It begins slowly, it has begun".. 

Enjoy the impeachment distraction.  



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Russia and China and Iran just have to wait and watch--- no high-tech weapons needed ! ---  the US is taking its ownself down---- and what a show in the process.

Could anyone be dumber than Uncle Joe Biden??? I've been sratching my head as to why the DNC have been pushing him for a winner, when he's so obviously hopeless.  Then recently an idea occurred to me---.  Madame Clinton is now on a nationwide "listening tour", there are rumblings she might enter the race again. Is Biden out there to ward off the others in the meantime, and then later in the game, when  he crumbles completely - Hilary Rodham steps in to save the Dem Party?  If so, the Pres. Reality Show will get a tad more grotesque.

Bawaa..hee hee.  Now Atlantis that would take ridiculous to a new level!!  Hillary? Huh?   Oh my, .. You may be right.?!!  Hillary 2020.  That post busted my gut.  But, you may indeed be correct. Is this whole thing has become that sad?  Everywhere I go, 90% of conversation 100% of main stream media are all the "presidential reality show". This is a twist I've yet to hear/read.. You may indeed be correct. 

Submitted by atlantis on Sat, 09/28/2019 - 19:58 Permalink

@Max.   I hope to hell I'm wrong, but take a read of this:

Excerpt:  "But there is another goal for this concocted scandal. It’s a twofer – a two for one scandal – intended to topple Trump and remove Biden from serious consideration at the same time, clearing the way for the Deep State’s True Candidate – Senator Elizabeth Warren."  (?) Now substitute HRC for Warren, or as she sucking up to Warren, maybe she'll appear as VP. The question is: WHO is the Deep States True Candidate...

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No country that lives by murder and theft can stand for very long. This is the greatest national security threat that faces the United States. 

Submitted by Max Payne on Mon, 09/30/2019 - 13:48 Permalink

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