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That is a spot on about the Homeless Gearald. I have been so for a year and a half now and most people do pass judgment by judging a book but its cover. Thank you for addressing this issue.

I loved the new adds.  Gerald has a great team and product.  Glad I was able to re-subscribe.  

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An Inspirational Intelligence  - Elegant, Good way to Start the Day Truth to Power Here Truth is Power 

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A little hip for

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Hi Gerald,
I met you in 2016 in Kingston for your yearly event.
Here in Santiago, Chile, we´ve had riots in the street for the last 10 days,
And government has been week in the response without controlling the chaos.
Looks like this will last as HK,

So, my focus now is to reporpose my business (home robots), either to sell globally or adapt to offer what is demanded now here.

Thanks for your insights.
Octavio Urzua