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As the Omicron variant of COVID-19 is being sold as becoming the dominant strain outpacing both the original strain and the Delta variant, a study by 20 scientists at Columbia University and the University of Hong Kong warns that even a third booster shot may not offer adequate protection, given the highly vaccine-resistant nature of Omicron.

Want more proof of the vaccine’s ineffectiveness despite it being sold as “no need to worry after you get the booster?  Listen to the out-of-shape CNBC shill Jim Cramer—with an unblemished track record of spewing out Wall Street crap—who attacked the un-vaxxed in late November saying vaccines should be required universally: “Have the military run it. If you don't want to get vaccinated, you better be ready to prove your conscientious objector status in court," he said. 

Yesterday, the fat-mouth-triple vaccinated with two shots of Moderna and a Moderna booster cried, “I have COVID. I came down with COVID on Thursday night.” Cramer said on “Squawk on the Street. “I know exactly how I got it. I was at an event where you had to have PCR [tests].”

TRENDPOST: So there you have it. All the people at the event were fully vaxxed, one tested positive and the CNBC triple vaxxed clown got COVID, yet the media, politicians and “health officials” keep selling the line that all must get vaxxed so they won’t get the virus.

Omicron Will Get You

As reported on 16 December in the New York Post, The Omicron variant is some 70 times more transmissible than Delta; it's capable, through its "extensive mutations," to "greatly compromise" the vaccines and even "neutralize" them. 

"Emerging clinical data" shows the Omicron variant causing higher rates of infection and vaccine breakthroughs; see "'BREAKTHROUGH': NEW TERM FOR VACCINE FAILURE" (13 Apr 2021). 

Although booster shots may still provide some protection, the variant still presents a risk. But booster shots are still recommended; it's still Pres. Joe Biden's feeling that nobody should pass up an opportunity to get a booster shot; see "BIDEN'S BOOSTER PLAN: VAX YOU!" (21 Sep 2021). 

TRENDPOST: While Presstitutes and politicians keep selling Omicron Fear and stressing the rising “case” levels, they ignore the one hard fact. The seven day COVID death rate in the U.S. is less than half of what it was a year ago. Indeed, the seven day rate as of yesterday, 20 December, was 1,285 compared to 2,639 in December 2020.  

And as we have reported, while the Omicron “cases” are climbing, the symptoms are mostly mild and to date, there have been just 7 reported Omicron related deaths... of a global population of 8 billion people.

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  1. John Stepek 9 months ago

    It’s amazing how people buy the lie, that the unvaxxed causing the spread. Totally brainwashed

  2. Hieronymus Meilink 9 months ago

    As protests escalate around the world, governments will heavily push CV as an attempt to gain control of the people with fear.

  3. Jean Jacoby 9 months ago

    Our granddaughter and her boyfriend tested positive for Covid this past week. We were all together last weekend, so now the entire family has it. We were so sick, but I made sure everyone got Ivermectin and the recommended Vitamin s, Amino Acids and Quercetin, Zinc. It was one day being very sick with fever, chills and a severe headache and painful cough. Bayer Body and Back was miraculous to diminish the H/A. Mucinex and a cool mist plus a Z-Pack decreased the painful cough and chest heaviness.
    It is no walk in the park but following FLCCC, critical care doctors’ protocols made it more bearable.
    Now we all have ‘Natural Immunity.’ Since we expect they will be throwing more bioweapons at us, it gives us confidence that our Immune Systems are up to the challenge of maintaining wellness, in spite of their evil gain-of-function viruses. Keep the faith and store up on recommended treatments now.

  4. 9 months ago

    The elephant in the room is that lethality and progression of viruses depends on some fundamental properties and characteristics . The Corona virus is a respiratory mrna virus it has an underlying propensity to mutate and transmit via ANIMAL and HUMAN reservoirs so this is why we are seeing similar variants popping up independently of any spatial and temporal linkage ; restrictions like lockdowns social distancing etc are useless in the longer term . Unlike smallpox for example which purely infect humans for example ; and a reduced propensity to mutate thus immunisation is prolonged and stable this is not the case with a virus like Corona . So the medical establishment knows this so why the fear and medical propaganda storm ? There is also the issue of the vaccinated can still transmit the virus and in fact the vaccines will focus evolution of the virus to overcome the vaccine induced antibodies ; the vaccinated are more than likely to interact with other humans on the assumption that they are ‘safe’ and thus INCREASE the transmission of the virus . Thereby we end up with the potential to develop more infective and transmissible strains and prolongation of the pandemic ??

  5. Buck Fiden 9 months ago

    Hermann Goring, a Nazi war criminal said it best, “You can do this in a Nazi regime, socialist, communist, monarchy or democracy; the only thing a government needs to turn the population into slaves is fear.  If you can find something to scare them, you can make them do anything you want.”

    • Caroline Chaptini 9 months ago

      You are so right. History always seems to repeat itself because human nature will always be with us. People would rather use their energy to fear rather than obtain a deduction of their own conclusions of the facts. People are by nature a lazy creature thus apathy kills the consciousness of a whole society.

  6. Sarah Krupinski 9 months ago

    Hi, I think it will all be over come spring,reason being I listen to Jordan Maxwell and he has an astrologer friend who uses astrologer theology to predict the future.he said to Jordan before the whole c ovid scam that his friend said there will be an event as big as 9/11 and it will affect the whole world he said it would start 2020 and would last 1 and half years it will come to an end spring 2022 but everything will be digital so let’s hope his predictions are correct he’s been spot on so far so try and hold on. If you want to find out more on Jordan Maxwell go on the Jordan Maxwell show he’s an amazing man, so much knowledge he’s studied religions and knows all about the corruption in the Vatican and tells you how all governments are coperatuons. If you need answers just like we get advice from trends journal Jordan’s your man.happy New year from uk. Lena.💚💗💜💞💖💝💗💚🎆💛💚💜💜🎅🎅💕💕🎶🎶🍸🍸🎻🎻🎶🎶🎶🎶

  7. […] But vaccine critics point to a historic number of cases amid the most recent Omicron wave and record number of hospitalizations—even in the world's most vaccinated cities. (See “PLAY SCRAMBLE: DOES OMICRON= MORONIC?” “OMICRON: WE DON’T KNOW IF VACCINES ARE EFFECTIVE, BUT YOU MUST TAKE THE JAB” and “VAXXED OR NOT, OMICRON’S GONNA GET YA!”) […]

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