As previously reported in the Trends Journal, tech giants including Microsoft and Oracle are partnering with health care companies on a Vaccination Credential Initiative (VCI) that will essentially result in “SMART Health Cards” that can function as vaccine passports.

Many, including Dr. Joseph Mercola, a leading expert in natural health, are warning the initiative will almost certainly seek to coerce people into a global “vaccination-record infrastructure.” Dr. Mercola said, “If implemented, [it] will be used to modify human behavior to great effect, reaching far beyond just the issue of COVID-19 vaccines.”

The SMART Health Cards, which are being designed to work across organizational and jurisdictional boundaries, would contain a yet-unspecified amount of personal data. Governments are already suggesting the “vaccine passports” would be necessary to return to normal travel and many other activities, including attending public events.

But, according to civil liberties advocate Silkie Carol of Big Brother Watch,

“Vaccine passports would create the backbone of an oppressive digital ID system that could easily lead to a health apartheid that’s incompatible with a free and democratic country… This dangerous plan would normalize identity checks, increase state control over law-abiding citizens, and create a honeypot for cyber-criminals.”

According to, the push for cards that might comprehensively track travel, health, relationship, and economic activity is something that goes far beyond a desire to combat the current pandemic. “The same individuals and entities appear time and again, pointing to a coordinated push to not only implement such a system but manufacture consent for such a system among the global population.”

Down Under

Stuart Robert, Australia’s government services minister, said Friday that those in the country who receive the COVID-19 vaccine will be able to prove their inoculation by using an app on their smartphone, according to a report. reported that these “proof of vaccination” certificates could also come in paper form. 

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  1. Bruce Kuppersmith 2 years ago

    To all enemies of humanity who seek to force enforce mandate vaccines. Vaccine passports DEATH!!!!!!.

  2. Craig Bradley 2 years ago


    This emerging global tracking and “health” certificate is clearly taking us into a potentially dark future of unlimited government control and surveillance at the expense of personal liberty and privacy everywhere. Couple this new health tracking infrastructure with a digital currency system ( end of paper money) and you have the pieces of a puzzle combining into a very foreboding picture. My only hope at this point is somehow, the techies that know function as saboteurs and monkey wrench (miscode) the project along the way, adding-in many “bugs” and much delay (years).

    I would be quite relieved to not live long enough to be under such a authoritarian set-up which would be not unlike the “death star” depicted in the original Star Wars Movies back in the late seventies or early eighties. I thought that kind of “fiction” was in a “Galaxy Far, Far Away”, when, in-fact, maybe its actually closer than we can even imagine. “Beam me up, Scotty”. Get me out of here now !

  3. Craig Bradley 2 years ago


    Globalists may view people as property to be inventoried and herded about like steers on the range. Contact tracing as a ear tag in a steer on the summer range, prior to going to the feedlot for slaughter ?

  4. onlyme 2 years ago

    Why do you need a passport – just watch the people who die and understand they had the vaccine.

    • Craig Bradley 2 years ago


      Anyone who participates in this year’s initial COVID rollout is volunteering to participate what in-effect is a 2-Year Clinical Field Trial. So, early adopters are the equivalent of Laboratory Guinea Pigs. All the available Covid Vaccines are considered “experimental” by the FDA at this time. So, actual side-effects have not yet been pre-tested in the lab as would normally be required, even with live animals. So, you are the lab animal. You are the “mark”.

      “The People” are now flocking to the hospital to get their Covid injections ASAP. Sure, its a con job by the political elites who have probably been bribed but does anyone really know or really care, being so desperate to live under any conditions ( No Liberty). Nothing in this “deal” for me thus far. So, I can easily afford to wait for the trial period to expire in 2 more years. Don’t like to fly commercial airlines anyway.

      Airline passengers ( traveling public) often have “bad breath” and are usually boring, as well. In fact, today’s coach passengers remind me of the typical Greyhound Bus traveler in past eras. Seating is actually more comfortable and roomy on a Greyhound Bus today than a modern commercial passenger jet anymore. Both serve-up to Greasy Spoon cuisine on-flight. What a waste of time and money anymore! Airline passengers are packed-in just like sardines in a can or cattle in a stock truck. Forget it !

  5. atlantis 2 years ago

    Gates is in on everything – world-wide – vaccines, apps you name it. F-cking criminial and as-hole this arrogant nothing is.
    Amerika makes multi-billionaires of scum like him , and Musk whose cars blow up and kill people at least once a month. and his spaceX rockets that regularly blow up. And they get a red carpet and microphone to spew their BS agendas for life. REsist. Don’t take a vaccine.

  6. Eagle11 2 years ago

    Judging from how I see many people embrace the masks and arbitrary ‘covid restrictions’, they will gladly accept whatever they are told to.

    They will use the justification for tyranny as they did after 9/11 – “Well, if you’re not doing anything wrong…”


  8. Well, The new world order is being built and it will happen for a short time, So we will see who will navigate through it without Contracting with the vermin.

  9. Sheri Calhoun 2 years ago

    Do your homework! or

  10. […] This was a clear repudiation of the growing trend of governments and businesses considering vaccine passports and vaccine credential initiatives. (See our 9 February article, “VACCINE PASSPORTS WILL END UP TRACKING EVERYTHING.”)   […]

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