The latest numbers of adverse events recorded in CDC’s VAERS reporting system include 1,637 deaths related to COVID mRNA vaccines by Pfizer and Moderna. Numbers from the system as of March 9 include:

  • At least 31,079 total adverse events
  • 1,637 deaths following injections
  • 1,072 life-threatening incidents
  • 630 permanent disabilities
  • 5,781 emergency room visits
  • 3,470 hospitalizations

Meanwhile, many countries in Europe have halted vaccinating people with the British-made AstraZeneca vaccine following incidents of fatal blood clots after the injections. Thailand has also stopped the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine, which is not currently authorized for use in the U.S.

The CDC continues to deny that any of the deaths following COVID vaccinations are related to the vaccines. That’s despite the latest story by all accounts of a completely healthy 39-year-old mother who suffered severe systemic organ deterioration, especially of her liver, within days of receiving the Moderna vaccine. The Epoch Times reported on her death, just four days after receiving her second dose of the vaccine.

“A review of available clinical information including death certificates, autopsy, and medical records revealed no evidence that vaccination contributed to patient deaths,” the CDC has asserted. The CDC has been previously ridiculed for counting deaths from accidents, including falls of ladders and motorcycle deaths, as COVID deaths. They’ve also admitted that well under 10 percent of counted COVID deaths stem from the virus alone, without serious morbidity co-factors like diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

Current Vaccination Counts

According to the CDC, as of 12 March, 101 million doses of vaccine have been administered in the U.S. Roughly half the states have given 30,000 or more doses per 100,000 in population. California, Utah, Idaho, and a southern belt of states from Texas to Georgia, are currently less vaccinated than the rest of the nation.

Worldwide, 345 million doses have been given. Interestingly, China continues to lag other technologically-advanced nations in administering COVID vaccines. Just 3.2 out of a hundred citizens in China have received at least one dose of vaccine.

The U.S., much of Europe, Israel, the UAE, Bahrain, and Chile continue to outpace the rest of the world in vaccinations. By now, it’s fairly well established that much of the African continent, as well as much of Asia, has been less susceptible to the COVID virus than other regions and populations.

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  1. onlyme 7 months ago

    Dr. Vernon Colman is a well known doctor from the UK. I have followed his short videos on COVID and the vaccine for nearly a year I challange everyone to watch his latest:

  2. Kellie Auld 7 months ago

    I watched the video as well. Del Bigtree also reported on this; however, it is being challenged by others as misinformation deliberately being perpetrated on humanity. It’s hard to say whether it is legitimate information or not. The fellow telling us that this jab will kill all mankind, is himself developing vaccines…what is his motivation? Don’t forget as well that he works for both Gavi and the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. Is he a true whistleblower? Or, someone else trying to benefit from what he calls a deadly virus….we know that it is not a deadly virus…no worse than the seasonal flu. And, there have been many instances of reported COVID deaths, that clearly were not. The world is in a sad, sad state. I cannot believe that people are not questioning anything that is being forced upon them (either take the jab, or you can’t live in society). It will not be long that those who have refused the vaccine, will be labeled as ‘diseased’ and blamed for all the deaths that will undoubtedly occur from the jab. Remember too that the whole agenda is based on eugenicists madmen (and women). You really think they want to save lives????

    • lvblasiotti 7 months ago

      Where are the lawyers when society needs them? What are they afraid of? The fact that CON-gress has eliminated any responsibility or liability from the Pharmas that produce these NON-VACCINES should be a LEGITIMATE lawsuit. What gives CON-gress the right to allow an irresponsibile delivery of harmful NON-VACCINES. Where are the lawsuits? Call or write to your CON-ressman/CON-gresswoman and tell them to recind this corrupt legislation ASAP.

  3. harlow53 7 months ago

    COVID-19 vaccines are such a resounding success that the German Company BionTech that paired with Pfizer to develop the mRNA COVID Vaccine are now working on developing vaccines to vaccinate people against CANCER. They believe the research gained under mRNA development is path to developing a CANCER Vaccine in the neat future.

    It seems that Scientists are embarking on the pan to transhumanism development for the future and possible inhabiting other planets in the Milkyway Solar System. Does the specter of transhumanism sound as if the medical profession is being run by a bunch of Mad Scientists? The science of Adolph Mengalah seems to be looming in the background with the rise of CCP, WHO, NIH, CDC, WEC and various government agencies wanting to experiment on a wholesale bases on the world’s humanity!!!

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