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A study of more than 1,300 San Francisco area residents shows those who received COVID vaccinations were more likely to be infected with COVID variants than unvaccinated individuals.

The study, while not yet peer reviewed, would provide more evidence that the vaccines are creating serious problems.

The blog Conservative Treehouse picked up on the study, noting:

“The California study finds that vaccinated individuals are more susceptible to COVID variant infections than unvaccinated.  Geer Vanden Bossche has been warning that vaccine antibodies would suppress natural antibody responses.  The vaccine antibodies take control of the immune system and defend only against a targeted virus.”

According to the study’s abstract summary:

“Here we analyzed SARS-CoV-2 whole-genome sequences and viral loads from 1,373 persons with COVID-19 from the San Francisco Bay Area from February 1 to June 30, 2021, of which 125 (9.1%) were vaccine breakthrough infections. Fully vaccinated were more likely than unvaccinated persons to be infected by variants carrying mutations associated with decreased antibody neutralization (L452R, L452Q, E484K, and/or F490S) (78% versus 48%, p = 1.96e-08), but not by those associated with increased infectivity (L452R and/or N501Y) (85% versus 77%, p = 0.092). Differences in viral loads were non-significant between unvaccinated and fully vaccinated persons overall (p = 0.99) and according to lineage (p = 0.09 – 0.78). Viral loads were significantly higher in symptomatic as compared to asymptomatic vaccine breakthrough cases (p < 0.0001), and symptomatic vaccine breakthrough infections had similar viral loads to unvaccinated infections (p = 0.64).” 

The study was posted recently on the website.  

Among the study’s dozens of researchers are:

  • Katherine T. Hernandez, San Francisco Department of Public Health
  • Venice Servellita, of the Department of Laboratory Medicine, University of California San Francisco
  • Erika Torres, Color Genomics, Inc., San Francisco
  • Mary-Kate Morris of Viral and Rickettsial Disease Laboratory, California Department of Public Health

MedRxiv serves as an online archive and distribution server for complete but unpublished manuscripts (preprints) in the medical, clinical, and related health sciences. 

MedRxiv cautions that posted studies are not yet peer reviewed, and should not be reported in news media as established information.

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  1. Sarah Krupinski 12 months ago

    I have found some vaxxe d people to be unusually happy in a weird kind of way,like now they have had the shot all their problems are solved, I’m finding it a bit creepy.i have been getting weird vibes from the vaxxed there is definitely a change in some of the vaxxe d personalities.if only they knew what’s going to happen in the winter time.can’t say I’m looking forward to winter and I usually love this time of year with the autumn leaves,it looks so beautiful but I can’t help feeling apprehension that’s also in the autumn air but I do try and stay positive and I pray and meditate every day to stay calm just hope people will not take any more shots.💖💖💖💖

    • Buck Fiden 12 months ago

      Tha vaxxed I know are fearful. I guess they have every right to be after taking the clot shot that does nothing.

  2. Buck Fiden 12 months ago

    Like the flu vaccine, this one seems to peter out with time, though more quickly than the flu vaxx. Do these people regain any normal immunity? Or are they screwed for all time to come? Either way, the world is far too interested in jabbing people as soon and as fast as they can before any long term studies can be completed. What exactly is in that vaxx?

  3. a1achiropractic 12 months ago

    I’ve found that the vaccinated people have no concept of gene therapies and still believe that this is a vaccine as defined under law in state and federal statutes, so they can’t understand the unvaccinated and are saying, “You would get the measles, polio and other vaccines and this is just like that”. The level of ignorance is compounded by the fact that they are too lazy to do internet searches that would give them the information to make an educated decision. I guess propaganda both government and MSM (the same) is easier to swallow. My greatest hope is that as studies are showing the vaccine effectiveness is not as great as they first predicted and maybe the vaccinated immune responses may not be as great as I fear.

  4. Ismael Quinones 12 months ago

    I hope all these preventive vaccinations big Pharma and the Government are anxious to inject us with do not effectively weaken our natural immune system instead. I will only take a vaccination when my natural immune system fails me and the infection is mostly deadly. This is not the case with covid for most of us.

  5. Robert Misst 9 months ago

    Oh Wow, the media made the world a world of fools and in fooling the world, they being part of it, they fooled themselves too, unknowingly because being vaxxed, they are under mind control. They are happy as they live in a fool’s paradise and will be too late to be happy when the undertaker arrives. Yep, he who laughs last laughs best.

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