1. Dave from L.A. 2 weeks ago

    From the propagandists in the fake news media to every single elected official in the country at this point, they are nothing but ventriloquist dummies with a billionaire’s hand shoved in their back manipulating their mouths. They are not even good ventriloquists; we can see their lips moving. From Gates to Soros, they have made their agendas known to the public for years. The thing that is most amazing is how many dummies believe the dummies.

    PS GC, there’s no way my wife and I could want to attend your rally more. Unfortunately, financially we are in a dangerous place like most Americans. Basic survival is what is on our plate. I suspect most of the country is there as well.

  2. mnpund 2 weeks ago

    I can’t understand what the big deal is. People are afraid to catch a virus? They are afraid to get a sore throat and a fever and to feel sick. You catch it, you fight it, that’s how the immune system gets strengthened. It’s a fact of nature.

  3. QXmoCyDGyXRQ 2 weeks ago

    Masks on for fear of germs and planning on rowing a small boat on the Hudson River. Really? This gotten beyond completely insane. This is completely f***ing nuts.

  4. mnpund 2 weeks ago

    Gold and silver will never attain their true value unless the people begin to actually use them to transact with instead of allowing them to remain dormant in their vaults. That’s why their values are low. Think about it, the intrinsic worth of anything consists in its utility. As a medium of exchange, there is nothing better than gold and silver to fulfil that function. They have all the desired attributes. Therefore, if the people used them for this purpose, they would quickly rise to their true worth. When we as an individual or as a collective do not use what is naturally suited to the purpose but use something else instead, suffering results. The way to beat the banks is for the people to start transacting with gold and silver at the local level and to use bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies over the digital medium. Digital cash and paper notes are not natural and so we as a body of people will pay a price for violating a basic principle of nature if we continue to use them. Our enslavement and suffering therefore is our own fault but it is borne out of a collective ignorance of what is natural and to our advantage as a society of human beings.

  5. Kenneth Munger 2 weeks ago

    They’re murdering the elderly in these nursing homes. 51,000 useless eaters out of the way AND if a family wants to sue, there’s a bill in con gress to protect the nursing homes and other elder care centers.

    Sorry Gerald,,, we considered going to your freedom rally but we do not want to risk the asinine quarantine. We are in Florida and are hearing they are stopping people with Florida plates. It appears now they have eliminated our right to free travel.

    I watch the insanity here in Florida and the rest of the country and wonder how they managed to get people to act like this. Did they spike our water,,, are cell phones somehow being used to zombify people,,, was it all the flu shots they been pushing the last few years? People are acting like mindless zombies People are acting as if the State officials have dictatorial power when they do not. Not one law has been passed requiring face diapers, social distancing, or any of the other dictates yet people are acting as if these “guidelines” are in fact law.

    I can’t figure this out… makes no sense!

    Nice Video.

    Pensacola Florida.

  6. Frontiersman 2 weeks ago

    In order to dissolve a nationalist democratic civilization, preparing the way for full billionaire and psychopathic control of our planet via “one world government”, three areas need to be destroyed. First, the political. Well done here in America and the world – two criminal gangs running and ruining America have ruined any cooperation towards progress here in the US (D’s and R’s) now openly running a coup operation in DC, who then destroyed all international diplomacy in order undermine other nation state’s interests through sanctions and threats, especially targeting the two biggest and most recalcitrant states (Russia and China) in order to destroy their systems and resistance to the “coming” one world governing structure. Next, destroy the financial systems so that a single designed currency under the control of same madmen and madwomen controlling the banks can then replace it. Finally, you destroy the social structure. Gerald hectors about just this here in this Trends In the News – no need by me to break this down – Gerald does a great job – notice how we have been effectively isolated on a personal basis in order to break down all resistance to the plans of the mad. Obesity and the end of inter-personal relationships.
    Remember Margaret Thatcher saying “there is no alternative”. The same guys who apparently saw Orwell’s “1984” as a playbook (along with Huxley’s “Brave New World”). People have been relieved of critical and abstract thinking – people now so afraid to speak of anything not approved by the controllers. The only hope is revolution, actually. How about rounding up these psychos, locking them in a pen and dropping in a nuke? Greed is what is killing the golden goose, and is why socialism could never succeed.

  7. Wow_1 2 weeks ago

    This mandatory mask business is the worst. Mind control.

  8. vbenson2005 1 week ago

    Missed the webinar. I only have a cell no computer. I can’t believe what is happening! I am very demoralized. I am a descendant of Col. Hans Christian Heg . He was from Liers,Norway. He was an abolitionist anti slavery. He died in the battle at age 33. His statue was in Madison , Wisconsin by the BLM mob . They decapitated his head and tore down the statue and threw it in Lake Monona ! The police did nothing to save it from the Marxists agitators. People you have to wake up ! This is serious ! These people are full of evil and hatred!

  9. HandsFree 1 week ago

    The Media is just using Saturation, Talking Heads, and People who are profiting from this Ruse. The whole thing shows the power of group think, Propaganda –The Total destruction of the mind and Perception.

    I got people in the woods wearing masks, masks in the middle of know where… this is insane — Purely a from of Dictatorship—

    They are fully insane

  10. Craig Bradley 1 week ago


    First, I SUPPORT Gerald Celente’s gallant effort to try to stage a public event that is pro-Liberty and pro-America. I think and feel courage is in short supply in today’s America, unfortunately. Few individuals care to get involved in-support of traditional Liberty. Instead, many are more concerned with themselves (wearing a mask everywhere ) and do not want to ‘get involved’ or put themselves “out-there” ( not new for “me” generation ). Essentially, the “silent majority” are proving to be an obedient majority. It may take another major financial crisis or stock market crash to get their attention. If so, I hope not. America has already been given a “fair warning”.

    I also think the majority of Americans despise the attempts of the Left to destroy our nation’s history (statues) and culture and remake it into a Communist State ( think Cuba ). If the majority stand-down long enough and don’t know how to vote their self-interest in future elections, then America may only exist in its current form for 20 more years, then, its all over. I probably won’t be around by then but young people today will suffer the most, I predict.

    One disturbing sign under President Trump is he evidently has lost the support of the U.S. Military whose upper level Generals (Liberals) do not want to back him up in any Federal effort to restore order in our large, Blue State Cities. Usually a (cultural) revolution requires the military to side with those who are pushing hardest for change, as was the case in the French revolution or other major political realignments. Basically, its either stand-up now for freedom or be known in history as the “Cowardly Generation” who “Lost It”. Not an honorable distinction for the history books either, in my opinion.

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