1. grafherman 3 weeks ago

    Amerika , Liberty and Justice for All . Land of the Free and Home of the Brave . We are doing God’s work in attempting to bring ” Democracy ” to the downtrodden countries of the world ……. No matter what the cost in human lives and suffering , in the end you will thank us. We have troops in over 140 countries around the world , Troops in Germany and Japan for the past 75 years , We have troops in [ or Sanctions ] in Iraq since 1991 , 29 years , we have troops in Afghanistan since 2001 , 19 years . Iraq politely asked us to leave last year …….and WE REFUSED . In the process of bringing ” Democracy ” to the downtrodden , we MURDERED tens of Millions of innocents , destroyed their towns and villages , destroyed their lively hood and American Corporations took over their Oil fields and other assets . the more benevolent ” Sanctions ” imposed by us has caused tens of millions of innocents to suffer from the lack of nutritious food , spare parts and medication . God Bless Amerika . …. Arminius Aurelius

  2. atlantis 3 weeks ago

    Right on, but the chickens are coming home to the US to roost. CHAZ has already turned to CHOP !!

  3. mikelaz18@comcast.net 3 weeks ago

    Yes but we’ll be a socially responsible third world shithole, at least by Nancy Pilosi standards.

  4. lvblasiotti 3 weeks ago

    It is the fault of we the citizens for not standing up to these political scoundrels and making them answer about what they are doing to our country. This country belongs to the people, the politicians were elected to be the stewards not dictators. They answer to us and not we to them. They should be afraid of screwing us and not we being afraid of disobeying them. In the final analysis we are not doing our job as responsible citizens and demanding that they answer to us for what they do. And if they are corrupt it is our duty to kick them out of office and it is our duty to investigate their actions and to insure that they are not performing as criminals.
    If the public was doing their job they would have disbanded the Federal Reserve long ago. But they continue to believe all the BS fed to them by the corrupt media instead of using their head and a little common sense. And the beat goes on!

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