The following quote is from “Censorship 2019,” one of our Top Trends from last year:

“Freedom of speech? Freedom of Expression? Forget about it! From the United States to China, from New Zealand to Nepal, Censorship is a megatrend. For well over a year, social media giants and governments have been silencing voices that challenge establishment agendas.”

Our “Censorship” Top Trend of 2019 has now become a way of life: unchallenged and barely reported by the mainstream media, who are included among social media giants as the chief censors banning those who don’t tow their party lines and special interests.

YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter continue to increase their censorship policies.

Last week, the social media giants deleted accounts and posts on multiple platforms that opposed the killing of General Soleimani, and Google deleted Iran’s Press TV’s UK YouTube account under orders from Washington.

Facebook’s statement defending its removal of the posts stated: “To comply with these U.S. sanctions, we remove accounts maintained by or on behalf of a sanctioned party as well as remove content posted by others that supports or represents the sanctioned group or individual.”


The following is an email sent yesterday from Google to Gerald Celente, disapproving of both the content and headline posted on Celente’s YouTube channel:

Hi Gerald Celente,

After manually reviewing your video, we’ve confirmed that it isn’t suitable for all advertisers. As a result, it will continue to run limited or no ads.

"Celente Warning: US Fires 1st Shot of WWIII"

Your video remains playable and is still eligible to earn subscription revenue from YouTube Red. You can find more information about our advertiser-friendly guidelines in our Help Center.


The YouTube team

Free speech? First Amendment rights?

Gone, unless you’re a member of “The Club.”

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  1. TheSceptic 2 months ago

    So… do you plan to re-introduce download button for TITN videos instead of hosting them on Youtube? Because they can and will delete them on a censor’s whim. Because of this, I actually store all TITN videos on my home disk array, they have some 100 GB now.

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