America is a country in crisis.

Riots, looting, protests, vandalism sweeping across the nation: Police vs. the People following the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin who, as videos show, knelt on his neck for nearly nine minutes.

Already economically reeling from the government imposed lockdown . . .

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  1. smkeeley 1 month ago

    At any given time there’s a civil rights abuse, wrongful death, or crime against the general population, one that can be capitalized upon by the media. Why NOW of ALL times? If the media could’ve done what they do best and deflect and change the subject but, no, they just ran with it…

    • Jay Jericho 1 month ago

      Seems like a Mockingbird Media FF. About this article. The more the economy crashes, the higher the stockmarket rises. That makes a lot of sense. Like not. Gerald and others often call this one out as lunacy.

  2. Dillon Sawyer 1 month ago

    Was the 20$ bill George had counterfeit or not? We know every thing George did since birth except the 20$ question which has turned into the 64,000$ question. Even if it was the outcome was not appropriate.

  3. Norman Hauptman 1 month ago

    Possession of and spending a false bill does not equate to a crime because the possessor and spender
    may have innocently received it from another.

    The officer who supressed Mr Floyd, to my observation, was mentally ill/psychotic at the time of surpression. This is not meant as a defense, but an observation. The deepest fault lies with the authorities who did not train him and other cops who transgressed over the years. The killer cop’s defense will be insanity.

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