Yesterday, the Dow closed up 911 points on continued hopes of reopening the locked economy and hopes for progress on a COVID virus vaccine.

Today, the Dow fell nearly 400 points after a report questioned the results for that potential coronavirus vaccine.

NASDAQ dropped 0.54 percent.

Brent Crude fell . . .

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  1. Philip Zyrski 2 weeks ago

    Ever since 2007 – 2008 Recession, we still faled to learn any lessons from the last financial crisis. Overall debt has doubled and the debt could even triple the amont of 2008. Since then, 95 percent of all income and wealth went to the 1 percent. Big businesses keep getting bigger and the traditional mom and pop stores are becoming a thing of the past. This Corona virus gave these politicians the greatest excuse ever in terms of why we sank into the Greatest Depression the world is seeing right now. I think a dedicated article of OnTrendprenuer could provide valuable insights as to find a better alternative to the multinationals, who are in no better position than anyone else, still believe they could whisk their way through this, but I”m sorry to say that their gravy train is approaching its last stop.

  2. a1achiropractic 2 weeks ago

    I wonder how all the Tom, Dick and Harriet small time rulers we have are going to run their fiefdoms when they lose on sales and property tax revenue? In my area the tax appraisers are always happy to raise the value of my property. I don’t think they have ever appraised it down. That goes for insurance costs too. I wish GC would comment on these factors.

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