U.S. GDP Dives. Worst Yet to Come

  1. onlyme 6 days ago

    First Goya said No.
    Red Bull said No.
    Trader Joe’s said No.
    The Dutch say no to face masks.
    Gerald – is this just an anomaly or is it the beginning of a trend?

  2. John Devereaux 6 days ago

    Gerald, I would have your sound system tested.

  3. nikosm1 5 days ago

    Yes, I agree John. Mr. Celente, please check your sound system.

  4. Dave from L.A. 5 days ago

    I said it months ago when this whole thing started; that we have reached the level where the public would fall for any lie that is presented by fake television news. We have reached peak stupidity. The only thing left is a fake alien invasion. And every day I see a sign here and there that will be the next thing they roll out, with the pentagon showing footage of craft they have filmed. We’ll need the Space Force to save us all.

  5. BryantW 5 days ago

    New glasses? Nice.

  6. atlantis 5 days ago

    In spite of the gravity of the news, Mr. Celente always manages to make me laugh in his deliverance of it. Thank you, laughing is so good for us in these BS times.
    I read that Fauci now says covid can enter through eyes and that to really protect oneself, you should wear goggles. I guess next he’ll be out there saying it can enter by your ears, and for complete protection we need earplugs. I suggest he puts a plastic bag over his head and has it duck-taped round his neck.
    Wonderful news – Biden progressing in the polls and in dementia, but the DNC will have him for candidate if they have to put him up as a corpse on a stick.
    PCR made me laugh too with his latest article beginning thus: “Some Americans are so pathetic they don’t even know what gender they are. A female with a vagina thinks she is a male. A male with testicles and a penis thinks he is a female. Those among us who are normal are supposed to be oh-so-concerned about these confused people that we stop using gender pronouns. He/she/him/her have become transphobic. If you persist in using the English language, you are uncaring and, well, evil to boot.”
    We really live in ridiculous times. Viva the Trends Journal.

  7. audioflo 5 days ago

    Sound Check….One…Two…

  8. Wow_1 4 days ago

    I read that Hitler defunded the police.

  9. vbenson2005 1 day ago

    My question is will there be any elections in November? With George Soros funding Nancy Pelosi’s bid for presidency. and antifa and BLM burning down the country. We are in misery here. It’s a bad movie plot! So what about rare mineral Coltan used in spacecraft ? It’s worth $20,000 an ounce it’s being mined in Venezuela. Forget Gold ! William Mount YouTube I wonder how you feel as an Italian with the violent anarchists taking down Christopher Columbus statues? These are very clever communists and they have infiltrated our country. The Corona virus who paid to release it? Obama? Now Oprah Winfrey has joined the communist revolution. FAUCI STANDS TO MAKE 500 MILLION .HE HAS THE CORONA VIRUS PATENT!

  10. MJR1000 5 hours ago



    > Google search not showing this, had to switch to Bing!

    Clear evidence Google is controlling the narrative!

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