by Gregory Mannarino, www.TradersChoice.net

The world is well on its way to a new paradigm: no dollars.

For years, many, including myself, have explained to their audiences that a new 100 percent digital system is going to be the future of transactions.

Already, just go to the website of the Federal Reserve. There exists on Earth only $1.7 trillion of actual printed dollars… the rest is all digital. So, it is not hard to see we are already 99 percent into a cashless system.

Why a completely cashless system? It is two-fold.

#1: So every possible transaction can be tracked. But… it is much bigger that that.

#2. The current dollar-based system is being phased out. How do we know this? Observe what the Fed is doing right now. Never before in the history of the world has a central bank, especially one that holds the world’s reserve currency, been involved in a debt expansion and asset acquisition cycle like they are doing now.

Nothing even comes close.

Also, the Fed is distributing trillions of dollars to other central banks around the world, which, in turn, are buying assets.

Being that 99 percent of transactions already are devoid of using any kind of currency, we should expect the rollout of a new system in short order.


It is all about control. Today, the Federal Reserve has become the central bank of the world. Why? Because they hold the world reserve currency: the U.S. Dollar. The power of a central bank to issue and control a world reserve currency is enormous. The ability to dictate how transactions are enacted, and being able track them down to the cent, gives an issuing central bank power over the world and every citizen therein.

The move to a 100 percent cashless system is going to vault the Federal Reserve into not just the central bank of the world – it will put the entire planet under their direct influence, much more so than what they have today.

As the world is locked in mainstream media propaganda, political division, a so-called killer virus, and riots, the Fed is finishing their final solution: to be the lender and buyer of last resort. Via this mechanism, they are literally buying the world.

They are buying the world with the old system and increasing their stranglehold on nations and individual citizens by creating, out of thin air, slaves to debt, and, therefore, slaves to them.

Take Back Control

If you are familiar with my work, you also know I have explained that in order to beat a debt-based system, you need to become your own central bank and bet against the debt.

The Fed’s New World Order System will be 100 percent debt based. How do we know? Because that is how central banks keep their power, control, and influence. There will not be a move to a commodity-backed, wealth-based system.

We have fought wars for the Federal Reserve in order that they could establish the current debt-based system and the petrodollar. The only chance We the People have is to do what central banks do: hold physical gold and silver. By holding physical gold and silver, we are betting against mass debt expansion and any new debt-based system.

As I see it, physical gold and silver, as well as non-central bank issued currencies, will skyrocket in value as the dollar is “phased out.”

Start preparing for a new, 100-percent debt-based, cashless system because… it’s nearly here.

  1. Ray Foley 1 month ago

    I agree with you. Their going to crash everybody’s financial system at once and blame it on covid.Thier not going down without company. USA USA USA USA completely gaslighted people who failed to be citizens. Never taught that in our what was originally thought of as our ‘Rockefeller Schools ‘

  2. dsrappaport 1 month ago

    The FEDS are likely to trash the dollar to keep printing obscene amounts of money. The dollar still maintains its prominence as the currency of exchange and debt throughout the world. As long as oil is connected to the petrodollar this system will continue. If currencies suddenly become tied to electronic metrics only then we will leave the petrodollar. There is no competition for the FED and the governments that back their authority with armies. They will not allow competition to whatever currency they use. Even though I hold gold and silver, I am skeptical that governments (the USA in particular) will stop manipulating and suppressing the price of gold. Why wouldn’t they? A gold-backed currency limits how much debt they can issue.

  3. DENNIS VARNAU 1 month ago

    If the dollar is connected to oil, and electric vehicles keep advancing, gasoline powered vehicles will slowly be phased out, maybe even big trucks, but diesel will be around as much as gasoline for those machines that require 100% reliability and continuous run time without having a dead battery. So the more electrification of transportation, the more strain on the dollar.

    “Cashless” immediately brings to mind BITCOIN, or what I call “Illusion money.” There are billions of dollars invested in electrons stored in digital memory devices connected to the Internet. IMO this has to be an investment with infinite RISK. Whoever controls the Internet and cell phones in the digital infrastructure, that entity can rend BITCOINS absolutely useless. Imagine if SHTF and normal methods of commerce for sustenance items needed to survive are dissolved through the kind of activities taking place by Domestic Enemies in our nation right now. Then think about how you are going to get eggs to eat from a local farmer. How are you going to pay for them? BITCOINS? Dream on! No. The farmer would want something of actual real value in return for the dozen eggs. Silver or gold coins could be used to barter, as well as booze, toilet paper, etc., or service of some sort that you could offer as payment, like medical care, labor assistance, etc. All digital cash and transactions are dependent on the digital infrastructure. If that is disrupted locally, nationally or internationally, digital currencies and typical transaction methods we use every day now will be impossible.

    • ryan.nebeker 1 month ago

      I will be set up to accept cryptocurrency for necessity items during the collapse. After the collapse, cryptocurrency will be running the NEW economy, minting a new class of millionaires overnight. I agree on how BITCOIN and crypto could be defeated by the companies providing the infastructure that it operates on

  4. Craig Bradley 1 month ago


    Once the full transition to a truly digital only U.S. Dollar (FED Digital Currency) then Bitcoin will be zapped by the FED. As with Communist China’s recent suspension of bitcoin exchanges while they run a trial program of a similar digital Yuan.

  5. yardscapes1 1 month ago

    As Greg pointed out, we have a de facto cashless system already as physical currency is sparse at best. There will be no need to go over to a new currency platform as the USD is debt based and will continue to expand as the Fed is becoming the financier of last resort. As Gerald one said, ” digital currency not worth the paper it is not written on.”.

    The issue becomes the monetary value of the currency and how the expanded currency or debt backed currency affects purchasing power in terms of tangibles. We are seeing this in gold and silver, but will see this in areas such as as oil. As the laws of supply and demand have been suspended, the future holds that tangible asset classes priced in the USD will increase in value relative to the USD. Not because of demand but because of the deflated value of the currency. Consumption of said resources such as oil may be anemic, this will not be reflected in the price. We used to call this stagflation.

    Final note. Greg appeared many times on USA Watch Dog as does Gerald. Greg mentioned years back about the effect of debt destruction on global population. Would appreciate if Greg could elaborate on this in any future Journal addition.

  6. Craig Bradley 1 month ago


    It is true the United States Government plans to eventually roll-out a digital dollar, possibly in a few more years. China already is field testing a digital yuan in select markets in China. However, I do not think 5-G will replace 4G overall for at least 5 more years. Many cell towers have yet to be constructed and 5G requires many more cell towers to function. The current Covid-19 recession will slow down and delay the investment needed to realize fully operational 5-G networks nationally, but its certainly is coming. Our freedoms and privacy will only last that long.

    As for the U.S. Dollar, there is insatiable demand for any form of U.S. Dollar or credit abroad. For this reason, the U.S. Dollar is much more likely to get stronger relative to all other fiat currencies around the world. Foreign currencies will collapse before ours by a number of years. The final act will be the fall of the U.S. Dollar but for now, it has not occurred. For example, the U.S. Dollar Index is only down a few points, at most. (To 97).

    Now, if you ever see the U.S. Dollar Index fall to say 65, then yes, we would be taking-on water and sinking in high inflation. As markets stand, we are not near there at this time. The trend will take us to a conclusion, maybe in as little as 5 more years, but its hard to say and impossible to accurately predict. These global financial trends take much longer to play-out than most people realize. Just saying.

    REF: https://www.marketwatch.com/investing/index/dxy

  7. Jpup@comcast.net 1 month ago

    In the end; all fiat currencies function due to a trust and faith by the populace. If you – being a lifelong citizen of the USA are handed a paper note from another country; say Canada – it looks like a piece of worthless paper; which it is.. but alas ! A dollar looks very real – why? because you KNOW it can be exchanged for goods and services because someone else ( here in the USA ) thinks the same way. Regardless of the FACT that it has been devalued to the point of nothingness – a great example is gold. In 1900 you could walk into any gunshop in the USA and purchase a brand new Colt .45 peacemaker for a $20 dollar gold piece — worth at that time —- $20 dollars. 120 years later if you walk into the same gunshop – that Colt will still cost you a $20 gold piece; only difference is that now the gold piece is worth $1, 750.00 – which is exactly what that colt will cost if you pay in paper money. No one knows the day and time when enough people will say ” I don’t want your paper” & until that day arrives – – they can print Quadrillions without repercussion.

  8. Jay Jericho 1 month ago

    Greg is a popular contributor. This succinct article is a tight summary of many of his interesting YouTube presentations. I question if his claim that the Fed will own the whole world is an idiom hyperbole. Perhaps he means that they will be the biggest holder of assets by far, perhaps. But this would still surely be less than half of the entire world. They probably won’t own all of China, for example.

  9. Robert 1 month ago

    What if the government declares gold and silver illegal to own (happened before) and illegal to use as currency and orders it turned in? We are under attack now by foreign and domestic enemies who wish to confiscate our wealth and dominate.

  10. mnpund 1 month ago

    They say that physical gold and silver should be worth a lot more than what it currently is. The only thing therefore that is suppressing its worth is people’s lack of initiative to use it. If the people began transacting directly with the physical gold and silver, these metals would naturally come to show their true worth through market forces. However, because of the lack of convenience in using these metals to transact with, nobody does this. It is far easier and more convenient from the individual perspective to use fiat digital money and paper money for that matter, to transact with. And thus as a collective we pay a price for this convenience as the digital currency we use to allow for this convenience can be easily manipulated. It is our human greed therefore and our individual consideration that does not enable the price of gold and silver to stabilise to its true worth. We are more concerned with hoarding these precious metals than we are to transact directly with them. Of what use are physical gold and silver if that’s the case? Wouldn’t the very lack of use of these metals undermine their worth? If gold and silver are supposed to be real money, but they are not being used as real money, then wouldn’t the God who created them punish those who refused to use them by undermining its worth? The central banks have no real power over the people. The people have given their power over to them, it was the people’s choice. The very first time that the banks made off with the people’s gold because there was a run on the banks should have taught the people the lesson that no one is to be trusted with their gold. So what do people do today? They hoard their gold in the hope that one day the price will rise. But how are they measuring that rise, i.e. what are they using to price their gold? Fiat currency. And so the banks who are the epitome of greed continue to deceive the people. Why price gold and silver in fiat currency? If fiat currency is worthless, then that renders the gold and silver worthless as well.

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