1. Jay Jericho 7 months ago

    The YouTube adverts of Epipen, which coaches children to self inject, was a sign of the forthcoming times.
    Take a look at all the stuff on the shelves ending in INE. Taurine. Caffeine. Cocaine. Amphetamine.
    Same thing.

    *Totally cute cartoon. Thanks Stephen.

  2. JustSayin 7 months ago

    Drug companies sticking kids for profit is criminal .

  3. lvblasiotti 7 months ago

    The FDA, big Pharma, the Ama, and the CDC are begging to get their long overdue comeuppance….way long overdue.
    And while the lawyers are at it they should take the Federal Reserve down also. These institutions do not believe in what the Constitution stands for but only pay lip service to it. They all need a total reformation or replacement with decent honest people.

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