No Jail Time for Bankers

  1. atlantis 4 weeks ago

    100% in agreement about how high tech is so negatively affecting people

  2. jsphwarren 4 weeks ago

    George. I had to change my password twice this year. I hate that

  3. Dave from L.A. 4 weeks ago

    All of the physical evidence on this planet points to the climate being in constant change. The climate change we need to worry about is Armageddon, because there won’t be much of a spring after that fall.

    • Lars Lovell 4 weeks ago

      Really Dave from LA?? Global warming? Those prophets of doom like Al Gore et. al., said it was all going down in 2000. Here we are in 2020. Research real science.

  4. mnpund 4 weeks ago

    Dave from L.A…

    So you don’t believe that natural disasters are on the rise?

    If a nuclear war was to break out, it would create such an imbalance in the natural environment that no where on the earth would be safe anymore. It would be total annihilation and so it is in no ones best interest to start a nuclear war. Deep down I think everyone knows that no matter how stupid they are hence the reluctance to go that route. However, all the pollution and environmental destruction that we as a species have caused over the years and continue to cause is also contributing to that imbalance and when such imbalance exists, natural disasters occur more often because this is natures way of purifying itself and restoring balance.

    It’s just like the analogy of the boiling frog. No frog is going to tolerate being thrown into boiling water so it is going to jump straight out, however if you bring it slowly to the boil it does not realise what is happening and dies. Our situation can be compared to this. We are slowly bringing upon ourselves our own destruction by upsetting the natural environment small degrees at a time without realising it until it’s too late and nothing can be done to save ourselves.

  5. vbenson2005 4 weeks ago

    Obviously Dave you do not know about FUKUSHIMA and the fact they have NOT contained the radiation. THREE TOTAL MELTDOWNS 3 China Syndromes ! They cannot stop the radiation and we are being pummeled nearly 9 years and the isotopes have KILLED the Pacific ocean! It is an ELE extinction level event ! Where have you been ? The entire planet is being taken out by this nuclear situation! BOB NICHOLS a veteran has been documenting all this. IT IS IN IMBALANCE ! must say the news media says nothing. We are all dead

  6. mnpund 4 weeks ago

    Speaking of Fukushima, if you look at the map of the effected area in the pacific ocean of where the radiation spilled, it is off the cost of the Philippines. Now the Fukushima disaster happened in March 2011 and in November of 2013 typhoon Haiyan, known as typhoon Yolanda to the Filipinos, hits the east cost of the Philippines, the largest typhoon to make landfall based on recorded data. Can massive amounts of radiation leaked into the ocean cause this sort of massive typhoon to occur. I don’t know as i’m not an expert on natural disasters and I’m not saying that it did cause this event, but it does seem suspicious. We do not understand the knock on effects of what we are doing to the earth but I’m surprised that no scientist out there or anyone else that I know of has made this connection and do the required research.

  7. Dave from L.A. 4 weeks ago

    @mnpund and vbenson2005:

    i want to state unequivocally that I am against the willful destruction of the natural world. There is a difference between using the resources of this planet sensibly and the path that the power structure is taking, which is leading us to destruction. Follow the money. The people who are destroying the world are the ones who are claiming to give us the solution. My question is, how can we measure the climate of the past? The climate is in constant change and the earth testifies to that. Something I think you would find interesting is the research of the scientists at the Thunderbolts Project. The impact that the sun has on weather and our climate is by far the greatest impact. As the sun goes, our climate goes. What’s particular fascinating is the connection between hurricanes and sunspots.

  8. mnpund 4 weeks ago

    Come on Dave, your argument is based on a logical fallacy. To say that it’s all about money and then attribute the causes of climate change and natural disasters on factors outside our human control may chime well with certain ears but these are two completely separate issues. The powers that be don’t need the excuse of climate change to tax us more, I’m sure they can come up with many new and creative ways to tax us more without having to rely on this.

  9. msparre 4 weeks ago

    I just had a second water well drilled, plumbed to my house with a hand pump, spigot so neighbors have water too! That is my ”investment” for a secure future

  10. felixunger 4 weeks ago

    The last Trends Journal mentioned they may confiscate gold again. I remember my parents patriotically turned their gold in only to feel like fools when Roosevelt raised the price of gold.
    If they try to confiscate it again, what can we do with our physical gold? I won’t turn mine in. I’ll melt it down first!

  11. atlantis 4 weeks ago

    One of the biggest polluters of the planet is the US military complex – it is appalling what they do. There was a documentary on their toxic dumps in Afghanistan; their own soldiers who manned them got ill and many died or are invalids today. But such information is suppressed to nothing when it should be front page. And the damage they do in the oceans with their tests and exercises is equally appalling. Recently they did “exercises” dropping live bombs on part of the Florida swampland – said the wildlife would be “temporarily displaced”. Then the big corporations with pesticides decimating insect and bird populations… now remember, these are the main components of the US economy – military, arms & big corporations, the remainder being the consumer who is goaded to buy and buy til he drops, more stuff he doesn’t need and can’t afford.
    I agree with Dave that the climate of the world has always been changing long before puny man could do his in-put of detrimental actions – that is not to say the enormous scale of contemporary man’s detrimental actions are not accelerating certain changes.
    It is further unfortunate the Greta Thurnberg backers have not directed her to expose the real culprits – while she has the stage and a microphone – instead we hear only a vague generalization about carbon emissions which “she” wants stopped “NOW”! Something that is unfeasible.

  12. vbenson2005 4 weeks ago

    Here in Fairfax, Va. where I am a student at GMU we got an email yesterday from the school telling us that there is a student here who is exhibiting signs of the corona virus! This student just returned from Beijing. It is on WTOP radio and the news about this student at George Mason university! So what do the universities do if its suddenly known that the virus has breached the containment? SHUT DOWN THE UNIVERSITY quarantine the students? call in the national guard? We have the Confucius Institute here like on all major campuses the Chinese set up these promotional PR Chinese schools to teach Mandarin and promote good will with mainland China. I took Mandarin and they have excellent teachers but with the sudden negative diplomacy with China this could be a focal point for some sort of retaliation.

  13. vbenson2005 4 weeks ago

    We have an ALM leukemia epidemic out here in Virginia and in the northern hemisphere. We have been getting radioactive fallout for 9 years! The Japanese do NOT know how to stop the radiation. There is NO protocol for China syndrome. I have a friend a nurse who told me about the leukemia epidemic among seniors and children. It is only caused by radiation. Her husband is a scientist. This is genocide of the entire planet! there is also an increase in brain cancer among children as well. This is very alarming! Yoichi Shimatsu Japanese journalist has been reporting on this situation. Jeff Rense: Fukushima seafood/ youtube. Jane Fonda did a movie called THE CHINA SYNDROME and the old Gregory Peck movie ON THE BEACH really is exactly what is happening. Also look up Wigner EFFECT it is how radiation effects metal cars and aircraft . it caused erosion and deterioration. Also there is a sudden heart death syndrome cause by exposures to radiation. At cruising altitudes over the Pacific people are getting very high levels of rads and this radiation is known as Chernobyl heart syndrome because it goes to the heart muscle and causes sudden death. Carrie Fisher may have died from this. Really if you want to know the damning truth and can handle it please read the documentation from BOB NICHOLS on Fukushima and also his youtube site. I am beyond weeping. When Fukushima blew up it was an atomic explosion and the plutonium vaporized into the ionosphere. TWO HARVARD physicists wept because they know what this means the death of our entire planet!

  14. vbenson2005 4 weeks ago

    TRUMP funneled 20 billion to Japan and Shinzo Abe to bail out TEPCO TOSHIBA GENERAL ELECTRIC WESTINGHOUSE because they are in bankruptcy due to the failed ICE WALL to stop the radiation! It was funneled thru APPLE and also the Chicago bridge and Iron that build these nuclear power planets are also in bankruptcy. People do not know that these power plants are privately owned and get HUGE government subsidies! No nuclear power plant is safe nor is nuclear clean or safe. They leak all the time. Most people do NOT know that the Japanese own General Electric and Westinghouse. Most American people are too dumbed down to read or research or critically think!

  15. mnpund 4 weeks ago

    I agree that the climate has always been changing and that the earth has gone through stages and cycles and I also agree Atlantis that man’s actions are having an effect and that’s precisely the issue, whether man’s pollution of the environment is having any effect and if so, what is the extent of that effect? How can an ecosystem not be affected if it’s abused? It doesn’t make any sense. And if we accept that it is affected by man’s abuse, then to what extent? Should it be a high priority and matter of concern or not? The effects can be hard to measure but we can answer that question based on the extent of the abuse because effects are proportional to the causes. If there is much abuse, then the effects on the earth will be large even though they might not be directly noticed. As Gerald says, if billions of tonnes of pollutants are put into the air, water and earth, it’s going to have an effect. Also, if the earth’s climate has always changed, how do we know whether the earth’s natural rhythm at this particular point in time is for the temperature to increase? The earth’s natural rhythm at this point in time could be for the earth to drastically cool for all we know but human action is perhaps having the opposite effect. The fact that the earth’s temperature has always changed through time doesn’t tell us much and no inferences can be drawn from this perspective regarding man’s actions which is the only thing we have control over. I don’t know why people are reluctant to talk about this issue as it is this issue if any now that the people are aware, that can expose the corporations and governments and military for what they are, polluters and abusers of the earth, the people and their morals.

  16. nigelg 4 weeks ago

    Couldn’t agree more Gerald it’s “Radio Ga Ga” reality now

  17. bruno 4 weeks ago

    I miss your daily videos Gerald.

  18. vbenson2005 3 weeks ago

    I recommend Sam Di Gangi’s reports on Fukushima. He is a libertarian journalist and he has been reporting the truth about the situation in Japan. His recent posting is MASSIVE Fukushima Update for january 2020- The Correct Views 1/23/2020 . No one should go to the 2020 Olympics in Japan because they have failed to contain the radiation over the past 9 years. The Pacific ocean is in epic collapse. BOYCOTT JAPAN BOYCOTT THE OLYMPICS

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