SPECIAL REPORT: Coronavirus Calamity

  1. Malcolm Johnson 4 months ago

    This is an historical document of our time . documented, not imagined for public consumption. A chapter in history !

  2. Dave from L.A. 4 months ago

    Under actual capitalism, the consumer is king. Prices go down, quality goes up. What we have now is simply national socialism where prices go up, and quality goes down. This is where the king is king, and not the consumer. The idea that Trump is a capitalist is absurd. This is a man who is calling for the Fed to directly intervene in the economy, and he wants negative interest rates. These are the policies of a national socialist. They have finally moved the Overton window far enough to where our choices are Soviet socialists or national socialists. Do not support either. This is where the wheat is sifted from the chaff.

  3. onlyme 4 months ago

    Thanks Gerald

  4. forthepeople 4 months ago

    Thank you!

  5. npacifico 4 months ago

    Thank you Gerald! Well put as always!

  6. atlantis 4 months ago

    And Gold is being manipulated -it keeps happening

    • Dave from L.A. 4 months ago

      atlantis, recently JP Morgan was found guilty of manipulating the price of silver. So what the government did was to ask for cut of the profit of their manipulation and set them free. Heavens to mergatroyd, the price is being manipulated again. Imagine that!

  7. lynnfwood 4 months ago

    Mobile home communities are being bought up by private equity firms. The lot rents increase. Those who cannot move their trailers off lose them and then are sued for removal costs.

  8. wheelndan_1 4 months ago

    I do think for myself
    I’m curious, if it’s just the flu, how come is China locking down 700 million people? I did listen to a expert on that matter, he said there’s a Corona pneumonia, that kill about a million people a year in China, but China is 40 billion dollars in debt, 700 million people are locked down. In Iran the deaths from the flu are 6X higher than China stats. You said that only the old and sick of dying, that’s not correct, look at the doctor that first discover it, he was not old, as well countless healthcare worker in China.
    Gold is not being manipulated, the Dow has dropped 4000 points this week, they probably had a margin call, traders, are selling “paper gold”that’s leveraged 500 to 1 not “physical gold“. All the rest of the world in buying the physical gold .

  9. wheelndan_1 4 months ago

    Sorry not “40 billion”, 40 trillion” in debt and climbing….

  10. andrej 4 months ago

    I’m living in Slovenia, right next to Italy. Just a couple of random observations.

    Panic shopping

    Italians were into panic buying for a couple of days. They’ve also emptied a couple of Slovenian shops near border. It subsided after a couple of days, or so it seems. Our local Hofer (aka Aldi), always quick to react to customer demand, started offering the most hoarded items in 25 kilo packs stacked on pallets, like “Dear customers, is there anything you’d like to hoard? Knock yourselves out. We are always here to satisfy your every need”. As for me, I’ve bought a couple of cans extra, and that’s it. The way my back feels, I’d rather not lug 55 pound packs around.

    This one is the most hilarious:
    Taken in Innsbruck Hofer & Interspar respectively.

    Surgical masks

    No chance of buying them anywhere. A local Chinese controlled company bought the entire supply, and donated it to China in our name (https://www.total-slovenia-news.com/news/5618-coronavirus-slovenia-sends-1-2-million-facemasks-to-china). One can occasionally get them for free in hospitals, dispensed in similar way as toilet paper. If you are lucky. People don’t wear them on the streets, though, not even Japanese or Chinese.

    A couple of interesting opinions from the local experts

    * There is no way of containing the Coronavirus in Italy. Whatever is bound to come across the border, is gonna come. There’s no way of closing it. Among other things, there are local trains running across the border, utilized by people from both sides.

    * The Coronavirus is a sort of cold. The epidemy is going to subside as soon as the temperatures go up. This is also the reason why Coronavirus doesn’t spread in Africa, against all expectations.

    * The migrants & refugees coming from the Middle East live in cramped conditions, in unheated tents. There’s so much common cold going around in there, that eventual Coronavirus infection will come & go unnoticed.

  11. onlyme 4 months ago

    Coronavirus Terror
    Do not wish to belittle anyone who is sure that Coronavirus is terrible but from all I read it is a form of flue. Disclaimer: I don’t watch TV or listen to regular radio and had to quit reading newspapers about 10 years ago so all I read or hear comes from alternative sources.
    One of the clearest on this Coronavirus in my opinion is Bill Sardi at: https://knowledgeofhealth.com/
    He has several articles up on the subject and he clearly states that most deaths are old people with compromised immune systems, especially smokers. Weak immune systems is a world wide problem because of the food we eat, stress levels and other modern stressors like – Oh I don’t know maybe social media and government. Anyway if you are truly concerned check his articles and bio for another opinion

  12. vbenson2005 4 months ago

    FUKUSHIMA COVER UP ! NO ONE TALKS ABOUT THE RADIATION THAT IS TAKING DOWN THIS PLANET! We have been getting radioactive fallout on going 9 years from three CHINA SYNDROMES three completely melted down reactors! The Pacific ocean has been destroyed with the Japanese dumping 2,000 different radioactive isotopes by tons daily for 9 years. The Pacific is almost completely dead now! Massive die offs . The plankton took up the isotopes the whales ate it they are dying and the seals and all sea life. Pacific fishing industry collapsed. WE need oxygen from the ocean. The fish are too deadly to eat no salmon no tuna ! BOB NICHOLS documented this radiation fiasco. Michio Kaku Japanese physicist and Japanese journalist Yoichi Shimatsu . It is worse then anyone could imagine ! The corona virus has been enabled by weakened immune systems caused by FUKUSHIMA! WE ARE ALL DEAD !

  13. vbenson2005 4 months ago


  14. vbenson2005 4 months ago

    geo engineering Dane Witington on aerosol injections into the atmosphere / youtube

  15. vbenson2005 4 months ago

    The real Glen Miller story written by Col. Hunton Downs . He said that Glen Miller was fluent in German was recruited by Eisenhower as an agent sort of like Tokyo Rose and was caught by the Nazis and tortured and his body dumped in front of a French brothel. We are never told the whole story about ANYTHING.

  16. vbenson2005 4 months ago

    Massive Fukushima update for February 2020 / the correct views 2-29-20 / youtube Sam Di Gangi Libertarian on Fukushima and also the 5g death towers and the radiation. Illinois installation being opposed by group that feels that the towers pose a significant health threat to those in Hills dale and Naperville, Illinois . It is suspected that the corona virus outbreak has happened in areas where they have turned on the 5g Wuhan province China being one and the Italian area where the people are being effected by the virus and there is a connection to this technology and the virus outbreak. On youtube engineers have voiced concerns that this tech will kill biological organisms human beings and animals in the areas of installation ! This is dangerous technology and it is untested!

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