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In a court ruling that was essentially unreported by Western media, the Tokyo government was dealt a legal blow on Monday when a court ruled in favor of a restaurant chain operator who said it was illegal for the city to force his chain to reduce business hours to fight the COVID War.

Kozo Hasegawa, Global-Dining president, said in a statement that the case revealed the “injustice and sloppiness of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.” His company oversees dozens of restaurants in Japan. 

Kyodo News reported that the company claimed that it took precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the virus but publicly voiced its intention to disobey the request to cut operating hours.

Norihiro Matsuda, the district court judge, found that it was illegal for the city to limit the working hours of the restaurants after the chain said the government provided no evidence that “eateries are a source of infections.” He said the city government did not provide a “rational explanation” for the measures and that "It is difficult to acknowledge that (Global-Dining) increased the risk of community spread of infections."  

While the judge ruled in favor of the restaurant that the restrictions were illegal, it refused to grant the company 104 yen ($0.80) in damages.

"About 75 percent of our claims were accepted," Kozo Hasegawa said, and that "Our basic human rights were neglected. It's unacceptable” and the court ruling revealed the “injustice and sloppiness of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government,” and its penchant for “overregulation.”

A Reuters report pointed out that Hasegawa had public support and managed to crowd-fund more than 25 million yen ($193,713) to fight the case. 

TRENDPOST: The Tokyo court ruling emphasized what Gerald Celente had long noted with the government imposed COVID War mandates that destroyed the lives and livelihoods of billions of people across the planet: “They’re making this shit up.”

Or in the words of the Court there was no “rational explanation” to support the Tokyo government COVID mandates. 

Indeed, it was political science and not factual data based science that has been imposed on populations. Arrogant politicians and their bureaucratic health expert flunkies made up stupid rules that the people were, and are, forced to follow. 

For example, depending on the country, indoors and outdoors, regardless of where the wind was blowing, people were made to stand one or two meters apart. 

Stores put up Plexiglas shields between cashiers and customers, as though COVID would not go up, down or around the Plexiglas. 

The “officials” told people to wash down surfaces with sanitizers even though data proved the odds of picking the virus up from a surface was around one in ten thousand. 

Governments forced people to wear masks outside... even though the odds of catching the virus outdoors is less than one percent.

The power hungry maniacs in charge imposed regulations that forced people to walk into restaurants with a mask on, but they could come off when sitting down to eat and drink. Then they had to put them back on when walking out of the restaurant. 

And on airplanes it was safe to eat and drink without a mask on, but passengers must immediately put them back on after eating and drinking and between sips and bites... because that’s when COVID will get you. 

The list of COVID War stupidities is endless.

And while the Tokyo Court emphasized that imposing blanket restrictions without providing scientific evidence that people could get the virus when eating in a restaurant violates the freedom of business guaranteed under the Constitution, the ruling was ignored in the Western media and COVID War mandates still persist. 

Screw the Facts

And as we noted when former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo unilaterally declared a ban on indoor dining in New York City back in December 2020, according to the State’s data, of the 46,000 cases between September and November, only 1.43 percent were linked to restaurants and bars. 

Yet, whether New York or Berlin, Paris or Montreal, despite the hard data and scientific facts of who is dying where and why, those least affected by the virus are suffering most from the draconian actions decreed by politicians and enforced by COVID Cops, have destroyed hundreds of millions of businesses, lives, and livelihoods. 

TRENDPOST: Trends Journal has long reported on the COVID War and lockdowns that crushed businesses and continues to damage the global economy. (See “COVID-19 LOCKDOWNS: COMPLETE POLICY FAILURES,” “W.H.O. NOW SAYS ‘WE DO NOT ADVOCATE LOCKDOWNS” and “SWEDEN WINS COVID WAR: DEATH RATE AMONG LOWEST IN EU DESPITE REFUSAL TO IMPOSE DRACONIAN LOCKDOWNS.”)

We pointed out in 2021 that the lockdowns in Japan were extreme and came while there were 640 virus victims in Tokyo, a city of 14 million... or 0.00457 percent of the population. 

As a result of economic pressures from the virus lockdowns, more Japanese committed suicide in October 2020 than died of the virus in all that year. 

A report last summer found that one in ten respondents had seriously considered suicide the previous month, twice the rate observed in 2018. In America, among 18-to 24-years-olds, the rate was one in four.

A study by the British Journal of Psychiatry last October 2020 found that thoughts of suicide had increased during the first six weeks of lockdown, with women and young adults affected the worst.

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  1. Larry Inn 2 months ago

    The secular concept of Suicide is based on the premise (principle) Humans Beings are 100% “Body,” (biology, DNA, Genes, Organs, skin, etc.) The concept of “self” is, YOU are your Body. To commit “suicide,” is to kill the “Self.” So, killing the “Body,” is killing the “Self.”

    The “spiritual” concept: We are not our “Bodies,” shifts our identity back to SOULs. We are Souls contained in an infinite SoulVerse. Zuckerberg aka faceCrook’s “meta techno all most “real” world, has to go.

  2. Larry Inn 2 months ago

    So, biologic “Suicide” confuses the Body with the Self.
    The infinite, indestructible sovereign Soul, evolves…….

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