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China was the first with COVID, which pretty much everyone now concedes or at least suspects originated in a Wuhan Virology lab.

They were also on the cutting edge in 2020 with a phone app that dictated the limits of citizens based on their possible exposure to the virus.

CNN described the app that the communist authorities implemented. 

Pushed to smart phones, it required the input of one’s national identification number or passport number, as well as taking the phone number.

The app then “requested” that the citizen answer questions regarding their past travel experiences and present ailments. 

Based on the answers, a “color” designation signaled the level of options that were allowed.  Green indicated freedom of movement. Yellow meant a citizen had been around sick people, and red indicated a citizen was to be confined at home.

The apps quickly evolved to scan QR codes, and account for temperature checks and criteria, to either allow or restrict access to facilities, stores, restaurants, etc.

Forward to 2022: that “temporary” COVID app is now a permanent official app thoroughly integrated into the “Chinese Way” of life.

According to a 24 June CBS News story, the government health app controls who may go where, making it more significant than a passport and more private than a picture. 

People can be forced to postpone plans, isolate, or even have to submit to medical attention, depending on what the app proscribes.

For the majority of people in China, declining the app is not an option. For one thing, citizens can't go to work without it.

Of course, the app, beyond its core abuses, has also been used to suddenly clamp down on citizens in situations that have nothing whatsoever to do with COVID.

The CBS story cited a recent example where a Henan bank experiencing tech trouble used the app to turn customer’s COVID app status to Red, to keep them out of the bank while it tried to fix its problems.

America “Innovating” Its Own App Controls

Many U.S. states implemented their own COVID track and trace apps during the fervor of the pandemic in 2020 and 2021. New York had one of the most onerous “Vaccine Passport” tech regimes, implementing a system virtually indistinguishable from the Chinese model.

In 2022, with the subsiding of the Omicron variant, and the general COVID fatigue, officials were forced to shelve many of their draconian COVID policies and tech systems of control.

Most Americans are currently much more concerned with the government created virus of inflation ravaging their pocket books.

That virus stems from horrible long term monetary and fiscal policies, nearer term disastrous COVID and energy policies, and now war mongering in Europe. 

But there should be no doubt that authorities and the entities they fund and control are busy working on next level control, ready to shackle on citizens at the next opportune moment.

For example, a USA Today article in early 2022 highlighted an “easy-to-use” clip-on device developed by Yale researchers that can detect low levels of SARS-COV-2.

Many states still have strict COVID regimes in place that restrict activities in school and work settings, and try to push COVID tracking on their residents.

In California, for example, the state as of 1 July was recommending its track and trace app, “My Vaccine Record,” as a useful benefit to help people protect their own health and the health of others:

“My Vaccine Record is an easy way to show vaccination status at venues or businesses that require proof of vaccination. Visit the Digital COVID-19 Vaccine Record website today to get your vaccine record.

“Recommendations if You're Sick or Have Been Exposed: If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, muscle or body aches), or believe you have been exposed, get tested, call your healthcare provider, and stay home and away from others. Free, confidential testing is available statewide. Know what to do if you test positive for COVID-19 or have been exposed to COVID-19.”

The track and control precedents that came on the wings of COVID have not gone away. They are only lying dormant, building out behind the scenes with new levels of coercive control—and objectives of monetization of misery of course, for certain industries.

The systems are merely waiting for the next crisis to be mandated and integrated more permanently into the lives of Americans.

And China continues to show the way.



Gerald Celente calls it “putting your money where your heart is.”

Finding businesses that align with Constitutional rights that promote freedom, peace and justice, is getting a bit easier thanks to some recent tech initiatives.

PublicSq is one example. Billed as a service that “connect[s] your business with freedom-loving consumers who are passionate about spending money in alignment with their values,” the initiative allows free business signups.

Consumers can download the PublicSq app on Google Play or the Apple App Store.

The app uses location information to list any local businesses in first level categories. Some of the categories include:

  • Automotive
  • Contractors
  • Education & Childcare Services
  • Grocery & Markets
  • Guns & Ammo
  • Health & Wellness
  • Home & Commercial Services
  • Legal Services
  • Media & Publications 
  • Real Estate
  • Recreation & Entertainment
  • Retail
  • Tech Services

Trying out the app, it’s apparent that PublicSq has a lot of catching up to do if it’s to be truly useful for finding local businesses in different categories.

This writer was able to find some regional businesses. But most options were based in the nearest large city.

But the app has a usable and intuitive interface, with features like easy bookmarking of favorite businesses, feedback options for consumers, and the ability of businesses to promote special incentives and discounts for PublicSq users.

PublicSq also lets users find online businesses that aren’t local, but that support the liberty-minded values of the initiative. That makes the app immediately useful.

The project says it focused on providing a freedom-minded antidote to “woke” corporations and businesses. The app is designed to offer:

“A nationwide, curated digital network of local and national freedom-loving businesses that share your values. A truly patriotic marketplace where every single dollar you spend goes towards companies that love America and want your business. Be deliberate with your dollars and reject the ‘woke’ corporations. Change starts with you and your wallet.

“Engage in a platform with the largest directory of freedom-loving businesses and consumers all while giving you access to exclusive savings at businesses that see the world the way you do. The Marketplace is free to join for consumers and business owners alike.

Like-minded consumers can do their part to help the service by spreading the word to local businesses, and downloading and utilizing the app. 

Businesses can sign up as easily as end users, by visiting or using the app.

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  1. harlow53 1 month ago

    Across the US the Federal Government has recruited citizens and organizations to set up surveillance cameras in clandestine areas such as BLM rural roads and camping sites, Forest Service controlled camp sites and Federal Parks, etc. the surveillance cameras are linked to satellites to download images of US citizens and other visitors where the cameras are positioned. This practice as a violation of the US Constitution because it violates the citizen’s right to privacy and freedom of movement without monitoring by the government!!!

    There is a cadre of private organizations and individual citizens contracted by the Feds to set up the cameras and service the installations for surveillance purposes.

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