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BOURLA DOES DAVOS, SELLS MICROCHIPS IN PILLS.  No figure in the COVID War that has ravaged world economies and human medical freedoms, has been more cold blooded in appetite for power and money than Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla.

He just upped his game again.

Bourla graduated yet another “conspiracy theory” to fact, using the largest stage for unelected elites (and plenty of corrupt elected ones as well), the Davos 2022, held this past week in Switzerland, to do so.

Speaking as part of a World Economic Forum (WEF) sponsored seminar, Bourla waxed on about a technology coming soon via mandatory compliance to a body near you: medical pills embedded with wifi communicating microchips.

"It is a, basically biological chip that is in the tablet,” Bourla explained. “And once we take the tablet and dissolves into the stomach, sends a signal that you took the tablet. So imagine the applications of that--the compliance. The insurance companies know that the medicines patients should take, they take them.”

For those who might doubt that Bourla would speak with such bland candor about the next-level dystopian plans of his company, there’s video.

Bourla’s comments set off a firestorm of reactions.  Many pointed out that Pfizer, which has been involved in literally dozens of corrupt, illegal deceptive, and / or formally sanctioned practices over the last quarter-century, is following the new COVID playbook for medical mega-billions.

By leveraging deep government connections to erect a “compliance” regime for its drugs, the company is ensuring a dystopia of required drug taking that may have started with a pandemic crisis, but most certainly won’t end there.

One commenter, GBR Dude, noted on Twitter:

“‘Compliance’ he says - consumers are clearly not his customers, government bodies are.  And Pfizer is fully aligned with "compliance" because it means more and more sales volume to their government customers.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, others were already finding excuses for Bourla’s medical tyranny, saying his comments were being taken “out of context,” and were only meant to apply to situations such as schizophrenics who might otherwise be institutionalized, etc.:



“May 20

He’s talking about a pill for schizophrenia and if it could potentially help patients stay out of facilities long term it might be a great idea. Don’t let this guy act like this is just in a random medication. That’s what he wants you to believe”

Bourla and Pfizer Have A History of Corruption

Pfizer has literally been guilty of some of the largest pharmaceutical  related crimes in history.  

In 2009, for example, Pfzizer was held criminally liable to the tune of 2.3 billion dollars, for a scheme of mis-promoting medicines to doctors in return for kickbacks.

As reported by The Guardian at the time:

“In a blow to its reputation in the eyes of doctors and patients, Pfizer pleaded guilty to misbranding the painkiller Bextra, withdrawn from the market in 2004, by promoting the drug for uses that were not approved by medical regulators.”

But there’s much more.  An excellent expose compiled by KanekoaTheGreat on substack chronicles a long history of Pfizer practices that have drawn scrutiny and fines.  Among the list:

  • In 2002, Pfizer agreed to pay $49 million to settle allegations that the drug company defrauded the federal government and 40 states by charging too much for its cholesterol treatment Lipitor. Lipitor had sales of $6.45 billion in 2001…
  • In 2004, Pfizer agreed to plead guilty to two felonies and paid $430 million in penalties to settle charges that it fraudulently promoted the drug Neurontin for unapproved uses… 
  • In 2008, the New York Times published an article entitled, “Experts Conclude Pfizer Manipulated Studies.” Pfizer delayed the publication of negative studies, spun negative data to place it in a more positive light, and controlled the flow of clinical research data in order to promote its epilepsy drug Neurontin… 

Of course, though Pfizer has been guilty of some of the worst practices, it hardly stands alone.  Many pharmaceutical companies, including companies entrusted to produce the COVID “vaccines,” have faced scandals and fines for abuses, as investigative outlet ProPublica has amply detailed

Bourla has been with Pfizer since the early 1990’s, and has held positions of significant power within the company for several decades.

Concerning its COVID mRNA gene therapy deceptively called a vaccine, documents Pfizer lobbied to keep hidden for 70 years (rejected by a Federal Judge) have shown the company lied about the drug’s effects and efficacy (see “PFIZER DATA RELEASE CONFIRMS VACCINE DECEPTIONS,” 8 Mar 2022).

Bourla and his company have profited obscenely from the COVID pandemic, while dealing in deception regarding their financial “risks” and rights to profit from it. See:

The COVID Rubicon

America—and much of the rest of the world—passed a rubicon with the COVID War, exchanging freedom for safety, not at a border or in our personal digital communications, as with the War On Terror, but on the level of of our very bodies and genes.

Now data is showing that the mRNA gene therapies produced by Pfizer, Moderna and other pharmaceutical companies are resulting in serious physical harms that were never seriously disclosed or discussed as possibilities to the public.

According to a 21 May Epoch Times story titled “Does the Covid Jab Kill More Lives Than It Saves?”, data now shows that individuals who have been "fully vaccinated" are more likely to get SARS-CoV-2 and to die, whether from COVID or another cause.

For example, data from Walgreens' COVID-19 tracker suggest that COVID-jabbed people are testing positive for COVID at greater rates than the unjabbed, as documented by investigative journalist Jeffrey Jaxen. Furthermore, persons who haven't had a shot in at least five months are at the greatest danger.

Meanwhile, data from the U.K.’s Government Office for National Statistics has shown that jabbed citizens there are experiencing death rates from one to three times higher than unvaccinated individuals. Data compiled into a chart shows the disturbing trend:

The Epoch Times article pointed out that with few exceptions, the COVID jabs have now been shown to do more harm than good. For example, a risk-benefit analysis released in mid-February 2022 by Stephanie Seneff, PhD., and independent researcher Kathy Dopp showed that the COVID jab is deadlier than COVID-19 for anybody under the age of 80.

That study looked at official data from the U.S. and U.K. for all age groups, comparing all-cause mortality to the risk of dying from COVID-19.  Their analysis of the data concluded:

“All age groups under 50 years old are at greater risk of fatality after receiving a COVID-19 inoculation than an unvaccinated person is at risk of a COVID-19 death.” 

Seneff and Dopp also said that data show for younger adults and children, there’s virtually no benefit, only risk.

Pfizer and CEO Albert Bourla, as well as government entities pressuring and even mandating the COVID gene therapies, all share responsibility for this disaster. 

But if anyone expected the elites who gained so enormously in power and control over the bulk of humanity in the past two years to maybe lay low for awhile, given the devastation now hitting world economies, and the abject failures and lies of so many COVID policies and vaccine claims, guess again. 

As Bourla and the Davos summit showed, they’re just getting started.

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