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BILL GATES AND THE NEW GERM WARFARE. He of the pink sweater and crafty mega billions has a new coy allusion for the world: GERM.

In what is being lampooned as the latest bizarre display from Bill Gates, a video released last week shows the always self-interested “do-gooder” promoting a new WHO that proposes to act as a first responder to potential pandemics, wherever they may originate.

It’s called Global Epidemic Response and Mobilization.  GERM, get it?  

Then again, presumably, no one should want to get it. We have to wonder whether mobilizations will extend to rooting out murky international networks of governments and NGOs concocting many of the worst viruses ever to exist, via bioweapons labs.

In the video, which was posted on social media, Gates promoted GERM as an initiative analogous to firemen and smoke alarms, as he stood there with a smoke alarm in hand, a fire fighter’s hat, and a cute dalmatian puppy...

A plausible rumor has it that Cruella DeVille, possibly Gate’s new girlfriend, was just off-camera.

Gates touted a combination of tech and human surveillance to safeguard the world:

“To prevent pandemics, we need the equivalent of a global fire department. Just as we need smoke detectors, we need health workers around the world on the lookout for disease outbreaks. And just like we have firefighters, we need a team whose full-time job is to prevent pandemics, raising the alarm when outbreaks emerge, helping contain them and working on new tools like diagnostics, treatments and vaccines.”

Gates is envisioning the The World Health Organization leading GERM, which would involve a monitoring team at an estimated cost $1 billion per year, and include recruitment of 3,000 doctors, epidemiologists, and policy specialists to collaborate with the organization.

Gates added that medical "experts" (with no accountability to citizens via democratic electoral processes) would be entrusted with notifying WHO disease specialists, who would then contact government authorities and offer optimal courses of action.

The Trends Journal has reported extensively on the knack of Bill Gates for leveraging “climate change” and biopharma and genetic initiatives centered around “health emergencies” to pose as a crusader while reaping profits, both financial and in terms of burnishing his image as one of those nice, humanly concerned mega-billionaires.

Don’t believe it?  The dalmations and fuzzy sweaters say you’re so wrong.

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  1. Mark Ellis 1 month ago

    It’s funny how inhuman beings will enslave you while claiming to protect you. Bill Gates’ endgame is very simple, microchip and control everybody on the planet before he dies. He wants total control of the populace and he will stop at nothing to get it. Don’t believe me? Head over to this site: Mr. Gates and the Rockefeller family want to protect you. You see, you need a microchip in your body to PROTECT yourself and your identity, and who is more decent than Gates and the Rockefellers to track you all day long. But they know how stupid the populace as a herd can be. They know if they pump out through their owned and controlled media channels the idea that you need to be protected with a chip in your body, most of us will go along with it. And if you don’t want it, you must have something to hide and must be a criminal. Does anybody ever question why Gates, a man who is not a doctor or scientist but a software engineer, has his own vaccine company (named Gavi)? Of course, these wonderful people will tell us that the chip will only be used to detect viruses in our bodies before we infect the world. Do you remember how Social Security numbers started? If you go to the government’s website, they still display the law that states social security numbers are only to be used for social security. IS THAT WHAT IT’S USED FOR NOW? You can’t buy, sell, or trade anything in America without it. Don’t think for a second that an implantable chip will be used strictly for medical purposes. First, it will be used for medical, then a passport, then financial transactions… (You get the picture.) And one other thing. If anyone thinks for one second that the Republican Party will sweep the elections and usher in a new Renaissance of peace and security in the so-called free world, guess again. The evil rulers are already in place and they have plans to put a stop to it. All they have to do is create a severe financial crisis and it’s over. Biden can declare a national emergency and have TOTAL POWER. (You can check it out on the Dept. of Justice’s website. ( On a personal note, I’d love to be wrong about this, but unfortunately the facts speak for themselves. Good Night America!

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