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File under another handy use of genetic info and experimental COVID vax tech: wipe out adversaries.

Widespread genetic collection from human populations has been going on for years. People literally pay to give themselves away.

Though they have benign reasons—wanting to know more about their family history, or possible genetic maladies—that information has gone into a vast pool.

What might be done with all that info?

A story in The Guardian details recent concerns raised by the British Medical Association (BMA) regarding experimental development possibly occurring in so-called “genetic weapons.”

In theory, such weapons could selectively wreak havoc in particular ethnic populations, while leaving others unscathed.

A report by the BMA titled “Weapons and Humanity II” said the possibility of genetic weapons was close to reality. And what’s more, the reality has been made closer by the technology that has enabled the experimental mRNA and DNA COVID vaccines.

"The problem is that the same technology being developed to create new vaccines and find cures for Alzheimer's and other debilitating diseases could also be used for malign purposes," said report author Malcolm Dando, professor of peace studies at Bradford University. 

Valuable Data, Deadly Possibilities

The stores of genetic information at major laboratories is a ripe target for groups with malicious intentions, including governments and military-contracted tech corporations themselves. 

Hackers have attempted and at least partially succeeded in breaching major labs in the past.  In 2018, LabCorp, a Fortune 500 firm, had its whole computer network shut down throughout the United States after hackers attempted to access the confidential medical data of millions of individuals.

In 2019, Canadian firm LifeLabs revealed that a security hack of its systems potentially compromised up to 15 million of its users.

The existence of such treasure troves of genetic info on the entire human race, is something that could be exploited as readily for horrendous purposes, as for good, it appears.

The recent BMA report about genetic weapons followed up on issues brought up by a German group called The Sunshine Project.

The Sunshine project cautioned that weapons based on a new medical method called RNA interference might shut down essential genes rather than precisely causing the harmful effects of pathogens like anthrax. If the target gene's sequence differs across two populations, the method may be used to disrupt critical bodily processes in one group but not the other.

"If as little as 10% or 20% of a target population would be affected, this would wreak havoc among enemy soldiers on a battlefield or in an enemy society as a whole," the organization warned.

More on the Guardian story can be found here.

(Editors’ note: thanks to Trends Journal reader “T” for a comment that suggested this story).

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  1. RICHARD ALLEN 12 months ago

    I guess Star Trek called it correctly with the episode “Space Seed” We are going to have a Eugenics War? Wrath of Khan baby….

  2. Lance Boyle 2 months ago

    Something that occurred to me just the other day, while I was oiling my wok.

    Consider that the spike protein was determined to be a pathogen in it’s own right, by attaching a pseudo virus with no pathological characteristics to the actual spike protein.

    Was this done in vitro, in vivo,. In real people?
    Who knows? Doesn’t matter.

    Glass, Class or Ass? No body rides for free but the 1. For now.

    It was found that the spike protein could cause thrombosis without the presence of a viral payload within the pseudo (harmless) virus.
    It also seems to have an affinity for certain tissues, unsurprisingly, the lungs, heart and gonads.
    If a pseudo virus can be attached to the spike, then surely it is possible to attach a real one with actual street cred.

    it is not beyond the bounds of possibility to deploy a virus undetected as it spreads throughout a population, which would then become lethal or pathogenic on encountering the spike protein circulating in a host and triggering it to leveraged effect.

    Rather like a roving detonator to activate a tiny bomb. Of course the circulating virus could also be packing something nasty in it’s own right.
    We have a rather large percentage of the population primed.

    On days like this, we are inclined to speculate as to the foresight of Pol Pot although we might abhor his methodology.
    This is of course, is all speculation and satire.

    That said, I would not risk my armed services on a rich man’s homuncular vision.
    Especially one who makes Lex Luther look positively sane.
    Nor would I risk my society’s children.
    The surest way to lose a war is to believe that you are not it.
    It might even be possible to target free speech fanatics.. So if you never hear from me again….

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