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TUCKER CARLSEN TARGETED BY U.S. INTELLIGENCE. An NSA whistleblower has informed Tucker Carlson Tonight that private communications of the Fox News host are being surveilled.

Carlson has been a vocal critic of the Biden administration over imprisoning January 6th political protesters, and using intelligence agencies, the post offices, and banks and other businesses to illegally track and crack down on Americans with dissident views.

For that, the country’s most watched political commentator has now had the illegal abuse of power turned on him. Tucker reported:

“The whistleblower, who is in a position to know, repeated back to us information about a story that we are working on, that could have only come directly from my texts and emails. There's no other possible source for that information, period. The NSA captured that information without our knowledge, and did it for political reasons.

“The Biden administration is spying on us. We have confirmed that. This morning we filed a FOIA request asking for all information that the NSA and other agencies have gathered about this show.”

U.S. spy agencies have only become more brazen in focusing on domestic political targets since Edward Snowden, a former intelligence worker, went public in 2013 chronicling the vast nature of domestic spying.

In 2010, the Justice Department spied extensively on Fox News reporter James Rosen, gathering his phone data, tracing his movements in and out of the State Department, and seizing two days of Rosen's personal correspondence. The Washington Post and other news agencies later detailed the extent of the government’s illegal abuse.

Corrupt politically focused government surveillance reached a history changing new low In 2015 and 2016, when the FBI and other agencies used a Russian Dossier they knew was funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign to gain FISA warrants to spy on Donald Trump’s campaign.

The dossier proved to be a leftist penned hoax, and the FBI was eventually scorched by an Inspector General for deceptively obtaining the FISA warrants and multiple other abuses of power.

But the “Russian collusion” allowed the media and President Trump’s political opposition to hound and substantially hobble his entire presidency.



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  1. John Walker 1 year ago

    Yep I’d believe that
    Biden USA becoming a night mate but the media just back him 100,%

  2. Craig Bradley 1 year ago


    Five years ago, even after NSA leaker Eric Snowden went public, few individuals were worried about potential NSA “eavesdropping” against American citizens without a warrant. People seem unconcerned because, sure they could tape or capture your cellphone or e-mail content, but it was unmanageable data back then. However, a I.T. expert at Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena, CA says great strides have been made in more efficient data base management ( Big Data ). As more and more A.I. programs are written to access and categorize all the Data the Government already has on many of us, the danger of abuses increases.

  3. DAvid SEila 1 year ago

    Many of us have watched the movie “The Count of Monte Cristo,” but how many of us would’ve guessed that the US Government is doing exactly what has been done in the past. Aren’t we, as American’s, suppose to have learned from the stories in history so that we aren’t repeating the same past patterns? It seems the innocent always pay the price of the guilty. The Count goes to jail for 13 year of his life, all because of his innocent mind couldn’t wrap his head around his best friends betrayal. We all should be highly on guard for the betrayal of what is happening in our Great Nation. The betrayal of everything we hold dear, that is evident, and our Rights of life…by a loving God. God Bless,

  4. harlow53 1 year ago

    1984 is a reality for anyone who lives in the US or China. The Big Brother syndrome has set in on all governments worldwide as a result of the GREAT RESET. Look around you! Do you see cameras everywhere, smart meters to monitor your energy use, social media censorship, no way to communicate with authorities if you are being harrased, politicians taking away your civil rights, banks restricting your use of your wealth, and on and on!!

    WAKE UP, THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO IS BEING APPLIED WORLDWIDE!!! If you doubt that, listen to any country or state that is participating in the Belt and Road 5 year plan to dominate world commerce while at the same time aiding the partners to avail themselves of China Style Surveillance to implement the plans. Watch the EU, Italy, Greece, and other Silk Road entities involved in the Supply Chains!!!

  5. David Goldman 1 year ago

    Grow up America before government will stop groth

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