There will be no TITN tonight. Please tune in Friday.

  1. Craig Bradley 1 week ago

    NO SHOW ? ( 21:19 HOURS)

  2. vbenson2005 6 days ago

    Gerald Shinzo Abe is canceling the Olympics. I don’t recommend going to Japan anyway as it is highly contaminated with radioactive isotopes from 9 years of FUKUSHIMA. Why is the nuclear energy department given ” cartel blanche ” treatment ” ? Death by radiation is a serious matter but there is nothing on the news. Maybe because the people would sue the manure out of them? Its not global warming that’s the issue but death of the ecosystem via radiation. The Pacific Ocean is already in death agony from FUKUSHIMA contamination. I don’t have any money. I am totally ruined financially. I just want these arrogant bastards to hang for their greed and the poisoning of the entire beautiful planet earth. There is a huge spike in cancer deaths and ALM leukemia here in northern hemisphere. It is only caused by radiation. I want these evil people to hang. We need an international tribunal like Nuremberg. I am a senior citizen and I know that justice is long overdue. Most people have no inkling no awareness on how bad the environment is. The fallout has killed the west coast tidal pools. Most people seem to be clueless idiots. If the truth reality hit them they would be rioting in the streets but like the movie THEY LIVE they are in some mentally embalmed state of consciousness,?

  3. vbenson2005 6 days ago

    ON WMAL 105.9 radio Rush Limbaugh said that Barack Obama gave 3.7 million dollars to the Wuhan lab specifically to study Corona virus. It doesn’t take an Einstein to follow the money trail. I am originally from Illinois and Rahm Emanuel and Obama were considered street thugs using unscrupulous under handed tactics to get their way. It is not surprising that the embedded state saw nothing. wrong in trying to overthrow a government. Obama is a Manchurian candidate. He was under investigation in Chicago for having more then one pin for real estate deals. This was by a black private investigator who got frightened when everything pointed to Obama. We have an active “coup d’etat” going on the major players are all exposed but nothing is being done? I thought treason was a serious offence punishable. by a firing squad?

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