Considered one of the greatest absurdist dramas ever written, “Waiting for Godot,” by Samuel Beckett, is about two people eagerly awaiting the arrival of the mysterious character Godot. Spoiler alert: he never arrives.

In the U.S. and across the globe, the politicians, media, and their “experts” continue to insist that only the arrival of a successful COVID-19 vaccine will end the anxiety of the virus and restore economic growth.

Yet, medical officials have made it clear that because viruses mutate, a future vaccine trying to hit a fast-moving target often fails. A recent survey of health care executives conducted by Stifel Financial Corporation shows 40 percent of respondents do not expect a workable vaccine before late 2021 with 36 percent not expecting it until 2022 or later.

Even these estimates, based on past statistics, are optimistic as on average it takes five years or more for most vaccine development. And even a “successful” vaccine will not protect a good portion of the population. According to guidelines from the FDA, a vaccine should be at least 50 percent more effective than a placebo.

TREND FORECAST: There will be great resistance among a vocal minority in many nations which will resist forced vaccinations. Despite this, we forecast governments will pass laws and impose regulations that will inflict penalties on those who refuse to get vaccinated, such as restricting air travel, passports, driver licenses, school attendance, etc.

The greater the pressure to get vaccinated, the stronger the forces to create “Freedom” parties who are opposed to strict government rules and regulations. In many countries, it will be a spark that ignites “Civil War 2.0.”


  1. Jay Jericho 3 weeks ago

    I don’t follow this closely – yes, I should. But my understanding from casual scan reading online is that Donald Trump has repeatedly said that he would not enforce mandatory vaccinations. Am I right peeps? Thanks

    • onlyme 3 weeks ago

      He may not sign such a bill but, congress sure as hell would pass one over his veto if the pharmaceutical corporations paid them enough. Last I heard a senator costs about $10,000 and a congress critter can be had for $2,000 on average.
      Throw in a couple hundred twitter comments questioning the honorable persons loyalties and it would be a done deal.
      By the way – forget about any help from the supreme court – it ain’t going to happen.

  2. atlantis 3 weeks ago

    That’s it. Pay politicians and congress flunkies enough and it’s a done deal

  3. Philip Zyrski 3 weeks ago

    For as long as Bill Gates has nothing to do with the vaccine. Then it would likely be much safer.

  4. Alvin Austin 3 weeks ago

    The creator has given us a couple of things:
    some brain cells and, an immune system.
    We can either use them, enhance them, or let them atrophy…

  5. JustSayin 3 weeks ago

    They can’t make money from people who keep their immune system strong , hence forced vaccines .

  6. Anthony Iovino 3 weeks ago

    Do not trust any politician including Donald Trump when it comes to this vaccine. This is NWO Agenda item.

  7. mikebenke 3 weeks ago

    The vaccine will be using RNA. These types of vaccines are experimental and can alter DNA. The US has secured enough doses for the entire population. It will be mandatory. Mark of the beast.

  8. nicholasmoore 3 weeks ago

    Trump will not mandate it federally but crazy lockdown Governors will. First it’ll be mandatory for school and move on from there.

  9. Mark Patterson 3 weeks ago

    Let’s not forget the company you work for mandating workers be vaccinated – especially the companies in lockstep with government. When the dust settles, there will be a lot of people “employed” or sustained anyway, but the government. If you want their money, you have to be vaccinated.

  10. KJB Believer 3 weeks ago

    So he won’t mandate taking the vaccine, but you can’t go to school, get a job, get a driver’s license, and who knows what without a vaccine…smh

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