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At the present time, some 70 countries expressly ban heritable human genome editing, and no nation on earth explicitly allows it.

But that’s unlikely to last.

Prominent scientists and medical professionals are advocating for changes in laws, in the name of eradicating serious genetic maladies.

It’s hard to argue with the prospect of humans no longer suffering from things like muscular dystrophy or sickle cell anemia.

But human editing technologies used next year to eliminate a genetic malady might be used in five or ten years to combat some urgent crisis.  A new virus, perhaps. Or global warming. Or traits deemed dangerous to society.

In the same way a huge percentage of humanity has been variously cajoled, brow-beaten and mandated to undergo gene level treatments deceptively called vaccines, natural humans may one day be pressured to have their offspring designed for the “good” of others, and the world.

Genetic interventions may be codified and required, in much the same way that children have been mandated to undergo various vaccinations.

I’ve coined the terms “genetically legislated” and “genetic legislation” to describe the way human beings may be subject to laws passed by the bidders of a technocratic elite, to be implemented in the genetic code of citizens, where they can’t be defied.

In many ways, the battle for natural humanity is already being lost in the current moment.


  • Much of the technology to genetically design humans either already exists, or soon will. 
  • Right now, in the name of eliminating genetic conditions like muscular dystrophy, scientists are advocating for heritable human genome editing.
  • Humans have already accepted GMO plants and insects as realities drawing little real controversy.
  • Transgenderism is serving as the progenitor and applied beta testing of transhumanism. It has inculcated in the next generation the notion that nature should present no limit in the quest to actualize our unbounded self-conceptions and desires.
  • Polygenic risk score testing is allowing parents to screen embryos to select children for desirable traits, not merely to avoid specific serious genetic maladies (see “TECHNO EUGENICS: SUPERIOR BABIES JUST A POLYGENIC RISK SCORE AWAY.”)
  • Scientists are currently experimenting with combining the genetics of humans and animals in the lab.

The pandora’s box is already open.

Within a few decades, man-designed transhumans, with “improved” genetics and AI and robotic augmentations and integrations, may well constitute the majority of the formerly natural human race.

Hybrids of humans, animals and synthetic intelligences may not only exist, but be more prevalent and less controversial than “reactionary” naturals.   

Awareness about the ramifications of heritable gene editing and other aspects of transhumanism needs to be raised, and quickly.

For people who want to preserve their rights to remain naturally human, the time is now to get active and organize. Concrete strategies to protect and preserve the right of natural humans to remain so, can’t wait until tomorrow. By then, efforts will be too little, too late.

Advocates For Human Genome Editing Are Laying The Ground 

A mid-March virtual conference on “Human Genome Editing” sponsored by Britain’s Royal Society, made little headline news.

But the fact that a number of scientists, including some organizing the event, touted the “benefits” of heritable genome editing, and advocated for a legal framework to allow it, is certainly noteworthy.

The conference substituted for a Third International Summit on Human Genome Editing that was supposed to take place from 7 to 9 March 2023.

The summit has been postponed for a full year, over COVID concerns, and the virtual meeting in part served to plan for what next year’s summit will cover.

There were several important takeaways from the conference:

  • Though 70 nations currently bar heritable genome editing, that leaves many regions and avenues open to those who would experiment with the controversial technology
  • Experts in the field are still wrangling with formulating clear definitions and distinctions between different genomic technologies, which are crucially needed for policy-making
  • Stem Cell based medical treatments have been an example of poor oversight and understanding, creating “medical tourism” in unproven treatments
  • There is a current lack of public engagement and education regarding the issues and implications of quickly evolving genomic technologies, including the ability to alter heritable human genetics, and effectively design “non-natural humans”  

Many of those participating in the conference hail from prestigious universities and institutions, including the University of California, Berkeley, the University College London, Johns Hopkins, Shanghai JiaoTong University and the The Francis Crick Institute.

And a number of them made it clear during the event that they see heritable human genomic editing as an inevitable and welcome future reality.

Some spoke about specific genetic maladies such as that could be eradicated via heritable genome editing.

Others, including Robin Lovell-Badge of The Francis Crick Institute, went further, envisioning a path to removing virtually all disease-causing genes from the human population.

Of course, that would necessarily involve mandating such changes to the entire human race.

During a question and answer period, Lovell-Badge and other scientists avoided answering queries concerning the ethics of what they were proposing, suggesting that such issues would be addressed, along with technical matters, at the 2023 summit.

Natural Humans in an Unnatural Future

Scientists like the ones at the Royal Society conference, may see themselves as only concerned with the betterment of humankind.

But out of a desire to do good, will come a spiraling maelstrom that will literally wreck humanity.

Scientists allowed to design humans free of genetic maladies today, will be tasked tomorrow to solve other crises of humanity.

Will they be instructed to design humans with a smaller carbon footprint, to save the planet from catastrophic climate change? Will they be asked to design humans that are “free” from traits and genetic markers deemed problematic to society?

There will be pressures—and no doubt, considerable incentives—to improve humans in ways of which the eugenicists of the 20th century could only dream.

There will also be pressures for natural humans to have their offspring genetically modified to address maladies and “crises” framed as harmful to the greater transhuman population.

There may well be restrictions barring natural humans from procreating with or even interacting with a technocracy approved, genetically legislated general population.

There may be bans on natural humanness itself. There may be conflict between regions where natural humans have clustered to stave off laws and regulations against their choices, and areas where transhumans have gained ascendancy.

Indeed, the recent COVID saga can arguably be considered not just a stand-alone calamity, but the most incendiary campaign so far in a greater Transhuman War.

COVID and transgenderism have served as battlegrounds of transhumanism that are only likely to escalate with technology that is being readied for deployment right now.

A Natural Human movement must build on the sentiments and activism that was awakened by the COVID War.

To do that, the following should be pursued:

  • People must be educated and made aware that COVID, transgenderism, and technology like Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) are all aspects of a transhuman agenda
  • Natural Human advocates must articulate that the authoritarian abuses imposed during COVID, will soon be applied to transhuman goals in the name of saving humankind
  • People galvanized into action by COVID, must organize to effectively continue to fight what will increasingly reveal itself as a greater Transhuman War
  • Specific laws and lobbying efforts to protect the rights of people to remain naturally human must be formulated and politically pursued
  • Formal mechanisms to certify natural humans should be established, in order to be able to pursue rights of freedom of association and continuance of a natural branch of humanity

While it might still seem fantastical to some that natural humanity could have a need for such advocacy and protection, the whirlwind of technocratic “innovation,” with transhuman goals, is all too clear at this point.

The ultimate battleground of the 21st century won’t be over a geographic territory. It will be fought literally in the bodies and souls of humankind.

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  1. RICHARD ALLEN 6 months ago

    Isn’t this basically how Khan came about in Star Trek? Where did that lead too?

  2. Mark Lukin 6 months ago

    Covid “vaccines” alter the DNA also!

  3. Richard McKenzie 6 months ago

    All present and future “vaccines” will have mRNA additives. Stay away from FDA “genetic jabs”. They’re slow death but in some cases immediate death, depends on your unique DNA.

  4. harlow53 6 months ago

    Today I watched the two seasons of a TV Series show named “V” and was amazed to realize the story line of an Alien Race invading Earth and its method of conquering humanity was by using weaponized vaccines as flu vaccine substitutes to eventually eliminate natural humanity. The eventual result of the story line led to the genetic programming and hybridization of a human and alien offspring to create a transhuman being that lives in space.

    When we observe the actions of the WHO, WEF, PHARMA, MILITARY, UN, POLITICIANS, MEDIA and Power Structures of the Klaus Schwab Caste, it make one wonder if we are watching the actual playing out a story line of a movie when we compare the COVID-19 HOAX to the dialogue of a fictitious movie script.

    Things like CRISPR, GENE EDITING, HUMAN/ANIMAL HYBRIDIZATION, DNA DESIGNING and HEALTHCARE Management by CENTRALIZED MEDICINE (Socialized Medicine) are part of the story line.

    That makes me want to isolate myself and relatives to maintain totally human genetic purity. The current governance and political structure are actively advocating transhumanism which is totally opposite from my individual human right to dissent GENETIC EXPERIMENTATION ON ME AND MY RELATIVES!!!!

  5. Larry Inn 4 months ago

    Who is editing the Gene editor??? BioTechnophrenics???

    Crooked Genes produce Crooked Elites…

    Webester’s Dictionary: Golem (go-lum) noun. Jewish legend- a man artificially created by a cabalistic rites; robot; automaton. ( a dolt.)

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