1. Jay Jericho 5 months ago

    I’m not even convinced that the public images of 30r is the same person we saw pre 2017.

  2. Craig Bradley 5 months ago

    The Democrats are pulling-off a Robert Mugabe special.

  3. Opinionated Homeboy 5 months ago

    I like the artwork here. But, Biden sure looks old here LOL

  4. George Threshman 5 months ago

    Civil War a real possibility. A certain Party wants power at all costs…be prepared.

  5. Craig Bradley 5 months ago


    Most Senate Republicans are just “fair weather friends” of Trump. No loyalty whatsoever. In August, they would pass any stimulus the President supported but not $2.5 Trillion that Nancy Pelosi had proposed. As the late President Harry Truman once famously said: “If you want a friend in Washington D.C. then get a dog “. Same could be said in many other cities today due to balkanization ( sic. “diversity”). America remains a deeply divided country both culturally and politically. I see little potential for change in that regard either.

  6. Rock 5 months ago

    George Bush today said this was a fair election. Here is a guy who has been out of politics for 12 years and lied about the Iraq war. Why would anyone want to listen to him. He should be in jail.

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