The Greatest Depression Has Begun

  1. onlyme 5 months ago

    intended or unintended consequences of government sponsered fear = damaged retail sales + reduced business income + increased unemployment + reduced income tax for government + greater government debt + Failing pension funds + Fascist Police State + increased homeless and on and on.

  2. Dave from L.A. 5 months ago

    It is truly frightful the amount of damage that can be done when a weapon of mass deception is unleashed on the people.

  3. TheSceptic 5 months ago

    To TRI staff: the audio quality is becoming worse and worse during the last month or so. First you’ve switched to cheap microphones, so Mr. Celente sounds like he is speaking inside a tin bucket. And in this video, you even failed to produce proper stereo track. I mean, that’s pure amateurish stuff! Don’t you even check the videos before you upload them?

  4. radu 5 months ago

    This coronavirus hysteria is a way of governments to trigger a crisis in order to blame it on something. The crisis would have come in 2021 but then everybody would have just blamed governments for not averting it. Now the crisis is triggered artificially and everybody can blame the virus and feel better thinking we couldn’t have avoided it.

    All important governments have something to gain out of this madness.

    Unsustainable retirement plans ? The virus killing the elderly solves it. Don’t have to pay any more pensions now since the elder get killed by the virus.

    Market crashed and Chinese got to buyback their shares at low prices? Well what do you know, after they got back their shares, the virus apparently stopped spreading in China. Surprise surprise.

    All those artificial businesses, which were complete nonsense and unsustainable will get shutdown and economy will be cleared of wanna be entrepreneurs and they will get back to work instead of dreaming of 1billion dollars valuation of their startups.

    It’s a reset of the economy and the way of living which many got accustomed to but was unsustainable.

    As you say Gerald, nobody is protesting in HK. How about Iran or France ? Is it a coincidence the virus struck harder in those places ?

    You can’t protest if you are not allowed to go out.

    Stay home, buy tone of toilet paper and cans.

    I spoke to a lady working at the local supermarket and I asked her jokingly if they ran out of toilet paper because the shelves are empty. She said that every day people come and buy all the toilet paper on the shelves, but the truck comes daily and brings more toilet paper. She offered to get me some toilet paper from the back since the truck just left minutes ago. I politely declined. I will buy it when I need it. She said the same truck will come tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and so on, and she is wondering what are people doing with so much toilet paper.


  5. mnpund 5 months ago

    You’re spot on with your comments that your greatest fear is not the failing economy, but the rising police state. Couldn’t agree more. We need far fewer laws and much less power concentrated in government hands, not more. This is a recipe for disaster and anyone with even a little knowledge of history can see that when greater and greater power is concentrated in the hands of government, it paves the way for tyranny to arise, whether it’s the tyranny of a single individual or the tyranny of a small group of people. And with all that technology in the hands of such people, their rule is almost guaranteed forever. This is where it’s heading. To now change the course of what will unfold is going to take something of biblical proportions. It’s largely out of our hands, and also it isn’t. This is the great paradox.

    • Monique 5 months ago

      Oh my, I hope you’re wrong. I’ll hang onto my sunny future view of the world to come. I believe we’ll see the worst in people as they fight and/or grasp for a foothold onto their power.. which is fleeting and being replaced with light and love. This is the future I foresee.

  6. onlyme 5 months ago

    In my earlier post – it would have been better to have written Cascading Failures, intended or unintended, etc. In complex systems it is common for one failure to cascade into other system failures.
    Gerald’s comment on the growth of our police state is true in spades.
    Worse yet we can expect no useful information from government. All politicians lie and omit facts, corporations lie all the time and withhold important information, public employees lie and hide any information that might lead to criticism and the so called media are just plain irrelevant. Those of us interested are left to the few resources available on the Internet when seeking useful information and The Trends Journal is one of those few resources.
    I suspect that as the police state begins implementing control we will see increasing attacks of the free flow of information on the last refuge of free thought.

  7. vbenson2005 5 months ago

    Satan is the father of ALL lies! These people who are “the puppet masters” must be sociopaths? My question is what is their ultimate plan? To me it is obvious we are being ” manipulated” but to what ends to what purpose? I don’t have any money in the stock market. Too bad I did not invest in a rare mineral known as ” coltan” used in high tech devices and on hulls of space craft super conductive. So Mr. Celente what is the remedy to extricate us from these horrible machinations? I like people who come up with solutions. Most people are suspicious about this ” corona virus’ and wonder what the heck is going on? We lost our freedoms with THE PATRIOT ACT that was the beginning of the end of our country. I can’t deal with a Depression. My bank on Tuesday wanted a contact a trusted friend to verify my account . This was BANK OF AMERICA. They never asked for a name to attach to my account in the case of my demise or illness? They said I had to name a beneficiary someone they can call if they need to get ahold of me? Are the banks going to collapse or freeze accounts? I am on social security disability. Are they going to seize the ” derivatives” since the Frank Dodd act expired we have no protection on our accounts. the banks can seize them at any time? DEPRESSION ? DEPRESSED OVER DEPRESSION . So are they going to round up everyone and put them in FEMA camps? I have a young friend who works at Trader Joes and he is now stuck in Europe. He may be in ITALY! no one has heard from the young man. BIDEN is BRAIN DEAD. The Democrats are standing behind a man who cannot function.

  8. radu 5 months ago

    We are now being advised to stop using cash because it’s dirty and could carry viruses. Seriously ? I have never been sick from having cash in my life but I know I haven’t been well when I didn’t have any cash on hand.

    Cashless society, coronavirus just a reason to push us toward going cashless and hopeless because they can control our electronic money.

  9. Ranger 5 months ago

    Is it a good time to be shorting stocks? Any good resource on how to get into shorting?

  10. vbenson2005 5 months ago

    The French remedied the monarchy when they tore down the Bastille. The French revolution went on for 15 years? The problem with our government is that there is collusion on both sides. Too bad the LIBERTARIANS aren’t in charge. We would have a freer society and less control. People don’t like to be controlled. All dictators and repressive regimes use ” fear tactics’ to get people to make irrational decisions. We should just tell these leaders that we don’t want to play their game turn off the media and shun the despots!

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