“THE GREATEST DANGER” by Stephen Green

  1. lanegjones 4 months ago

    Ha awesome, love it! 👍

  2. TipTheBand 4 months ago

    We are living at a time when people are asking for their own enslavement…

  3. rick armbruster 4 months ago

    We ignored the armageddon like warnings from government and traveled by airplane to spend time with family over Thanksgiving. We hung out at my son’s house and did not go to restaurants or movies during our visit. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We are so glad that we didn’t listen to the doom and gloom and stay home.

  4. Brettagher 4 months ago

    I’d love to repost this on Facebook, but I don’t want to get eaten alive by the alarmists.

  5. daniel chick 4 months ago

    So true.

  6. Paul Sacco 4 months ago

    That’s putting it lightly methinks. More like people are begging for their own enslavement, and demanding yours…

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