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The organizer of the Freedom Convoy protest that spanned 22 days in Ottawa has been denied bail and faces a “lengthy” stay in prison if convicted, according to an Ontario judge.

Justice Julie Bourgeois decided to deny bail to Tamara Lich—who started the now-defunct GoFundme fundraising drive that raised over $10 million—because she said it is likely that she would re-offend again if released.

Bourgeois told Lich that she had “plenty of opportunities” to abandon the protesters and the "criminal activity” but she “chose not to” and persistently counseled others to stay.

"In Canada, every citizen can certainly disagree with and protest against government decisions but it needs to be done in a democratic fashion in abidance with the laws that have been established democratically," she said. 

Lich was arrested and charged with counseling to commit mischief ... yes, jailed with no bail for committing “mischief.”

Maxime Bernier, the leader of the federal People’s Party of Canada, criticized Bourgeois’ decision. He also took to Twitter to point out that Bourgeois was a political hack who ran as a Liberal politician a few years ago. 

“Meanwhile, the terrorist who drove into a crowd at the freedom rally in Winnipeg three weeks ago and injured four people was released on bail after his arrest,” Bernier tweeted. “That’s Canada’s ‘justice’ system under Trudeau.”

Bernier was referring to the arrest of David Alexander Zegarac, the 42-year-old accused of intentionally hitting four people with a Jeep Patriot earlier last month. One of the anti-lockdown protesters was hospitalized and released. 

Constable Rob Carver, a spokesman for the Winnipeg Police Service, told The Winnipeg Free Press that Zegarac “blurted out” comments about the incident a short time later.

The report said he was charged with four counts of assault with a weapon, four counts of fleeing from a collision, and other charges. The 42-year-old was released after agreeing to pay $10,000, according to CTV News

Bourgeois, the judge, is a former Liberal MP candidate in 2011. Western Standard Online reported that Trudeau backed her run at the time.

“It’s an extraordinary pleasure for me to tell you that I have great admiration for Julie Bourgeois—her vision, her authenticity, her strength—is going to be an amazing asset,” Trudeau said.

Dean Skoreyko, an influential Conservative Twitter user, tweeted, “It’s now obvious Julie Bourgeois was chosen directly by Trudeau to preside over the Lich court case. Tell me how not one in the Ottawa media was aware she's a partisan Liberal of this magnitude.”

TREND FORECAST: As evidenced by draconian COVID War lockdown, shelter-in-place, “flatten the curve” mandates imposed on the general public by politicians and sanctioned by judges—many of which are nothing more than political hacks—the unalienable Rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness have been prohibited. 

And now that politicians have seized that power and the courts sanctioned them to do so, they will continue to usurp more Rights from We the People and exert more power and control in their march to mental madness.  

Also, just as the masses obediently marched off to orders given to them by politicians to fight the COVID War, so too will they march off to support... and die, in military confrontations started by their governments. 

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  1. Kellie Auld 4 months ago

    In what way have they proven this was not a peaceful protest? The judge has the gall to say: “In Canada, every citizen can certainly disagree with and protest against government decisions but it needs to be done in a democratic fashion in abidance with the laws that have been established democratically,” she said.
    Clearly that is not true.
    Yes Trudeau has many of his people in positions of judge, cabinet members, and even at the head of the RCMP, which is not supposed to be controlled by government. Such is the life in Canada.

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