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The COVID-19 death rate in Sweden, which refused mandatory lockdowns in the early stages of the virus outbreak, was among the lowest in Europe, according to data released from the World Health Organization.

The average excess death rate in the country was 56 per 100,000 from 2020 and 2021 compared to 109 in the UK and 116 in Germany, according to the Telegraph.

Professor Devi Sridhar, the chairman of global public health at the University of Edinburgh, told the paper that the lesson from Sweden is to invest in your population's health and have less inequality. (See “PRESSTITUTES BADMOUTH SWEDEN,” “NO LOCKDOWN: SWEDEN'S APPROACH IS WORKING” and “SWEDEN WON. THEY DIDN'T FIGHT THE COVID WAR.”)

The paper reported that health officials credited Sweden’s healthcare system before the virus outbreak and its comparatively low rate of obesity. The report pointed out that countries like Australia, New Zealand, and Japan recorded “negative excess death rates” which means fewer deaths from 2020 to 2021 than in previous years.

Dr. William Msemburi, an WHO official, told the paper that the global death toll was higher for men than for women and the elderly were most impacted by the virus. About 82 percent of excess deaths were estimated to have occurred in those over the age of 60.

Unlike other countries that relied on massive lockdowns, Sweden called on voluntary measures, such as social distancing and personal hygiene. Sweden performed worse than Denmark, which tallied 32 excess deaths per 100,000.

TRENDPOST: The Presstitute media keeps blasting that Sweden experienced a higher COVID death rate than its neighbors Norway and Denmark. But rarely do they mention that it was lower than that of Spain, France, the U.K., Italy or even Belgium, all of which locked down and continue to impose COVID mandates, such as No Jab, No Job, no eating in restaurants, banned from events, trains, planes etc.

TREND FORECAST: Sweden's policies will continue to be an example of "bucking the trend" and remaining skeptical of the COVID narratives such as the need for masking and lockdowns (and all the rest about which Gerald Celente has said, "They're making this crap up").

And, in the spirit of having already decided that the "side effects" of lockdowns are riskier than the disease itself, Sweden has, along with Finland, recently also decided that the possible side effects of Moderna's COVID vaccine are riskier than the disease, especially for those whose risk from the disease is, based on their age, already minimal; see “NORDIC NATIONS: NO MODERNA JAB FOR THE YOUTH” (12 Oct 2021).

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  1. Nick Steed 1 week ago

    Swedish Deaths Per Million compared to other Scandinavian nations that did lock down:

    Sweden 1,846
    Denmark 1,076
    Finland 771
    Norway 557

    • Aussie 5 days ago

      That sounds about right from the John Hopkins website.
      This does contradict the article which talks about excess deaths – What is an excess death???

  2. […] Journal has reported extensively on the ineffectiveness of lockdowns during the COVID War. (See “SWEDEN WINS COVID WAR: DEATH RATE AMONG LOWEST IN EU DESPITE REFUSAL TO IMPOSE DRACONIAN LOCKDOWN… and “HERE WE GO AGAIN: CHINA RAMPS UP COVID WAR AS KEY CITIES SHUT […]

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