Not a second to lose.

A blink of an eye is too long to wait.

To survive, you have to attack the attacker.

Beyond the homeless on the street desperate for a warm place to sleep and something to eat.

Beyond the mentally ill, suffering deeply and lost in the meaning of life.

Beyond those in the depths of despair who have lost everything and have nothing left to lose.

Beyond the thief, murderer, robber, or rapist.

Beyond the gang members who will do anything to get anything...

Beyond knowing survival skills to attack the attacker to fight for your life or lose it... SURVIVALISM during the “Greatest Depression” is a 2021 megatrend.

Doubling up on mental health, physical fitness, and diet, when everything else is going down, will separate the Survivalists from the victims. The winners from losers.

Surviving by finding new job opportunities, learning new skills, and finding OnTrendpreneur® opportunities are all part of the SURVIVALISM skills and passion needed in the fight for your life in 2021 and beyond.

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  1. Philip Zyrski 1 year ago

    If it wasn’t for Trends Journal, many of us would’ve died long ago.

  2. Raymond Micklon 1 year ago

    I am working on this SURVIVALISM mindset .

    Dump social media, unplug from the device, working out, biking, long walks in Nature, proper diet, not locking down, not wearing masks (mental health), moving to a new job and learning new skill sets. Following and studying the words of TRUTH from the Gerald Celente and the Trends Reserch Institute. Going to Church .

    Sorry to hear of Brads crossing over may the GREAT SPRITE watch over him and bless him 🙏

    • I agree with Raymond. Unplug the TV (throw it out), unplug from social media completly. Get in shape, be always on your gaurd. Do not draw attention to yourself and always be armed.
      Walk away from a conflict if possible, if not be prepared to defend yourself without any hesitation!

  3. Rick 1 year ago

    When I was taking a geography course (1972) titled, world land problems, a concept was brought to the course called, the survival mode, saying, when a species fails to adapt to a changing environment it will become extinct. There are all sorts of environments, political as well as ecological and many more…..

    In conclusion, it was true in 1972, it was true in 6,000 BC and it will be true into eternity. Everything dies because it can not change, adapt, to the changing environment. The elite have been trying to adapt to the process of aging, so far, I believe the elite want to transfer their soul into a computer, I think the age of AI is at hand.

  4. George Threshman 1 year ago

    Survivalism is a mind set. Basic elements are clean water filter, rice and beans, shelter,rocket stove,sleeping bag, weapons.,rugged clothes and a bible.

    Find a skill you can practice anywhere.
    Good Luck & Happy New Year !

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