1. Dave from L.A. 3 weeks ago

    You know, GC, I wanted to mention something tonight a little bit off-topic that I’m not hearing anyone talk about. Has anyone see a chem trail lately? The skies around here are as clear as glass. I know planes are flying at a greatly reduced level, but if the argument the airlines have been making that this is natural and not something they’re doing to manipulate the weather should be studied, I believe it would expose another hoax from the fake news media.

    • MJR1000 2 weeks ago

      Noticed the same in the U.K. And had the same thought .

    • alex.c 2 weeks ago

      I agree with you Dave. I live in a small city, with an international airport and a massive amount of air traffic relative to the size of the city. (Geneva / Switzerland)

      The story behind “Chem Trails” is one which makes sense, and if it were to be true, it would also make sense to keep it a secret from the general population.
      Hence, I began to observe the skies. As you say, when airline traffic was down 99% there were no trails at all. Now that traffic is about 20% of what it was last year, the trails have increased by about the same. Geneva is at the heart of Western Europe, and so there are many airline routes for planes flying above at high altitudes, with Geneva being used as a junction for some of these routes (East-West, north-South etc….) This traffic is also down by at least 90% today.

      I would add that before the Pandemic, If I looked at the sky on the morning of a cold and crisp winter day when the temperature was close to freezing, but the skies were clear with no wind, I would find the sky on such mornings to resemble one giant criss cross of dozens and dozens of trails.
      If I just took a picture, and could not observe how each individual trail was left behind a different aircraft simply flying overhead, I could easily have convinced people that these were chem trails being used on a massive scale.

      So I realised that most of the photos used as proof of this theory, are likely to be pictures of such skies.

      One could rightly argue, that the spraying of chemicals is not taking place above Central-Western Europe. Maybe. Nonetheless I am going to need better proof.

      Finally, I do believe that experiments in wether control are taking place maybe in military areas in the US. But I do not believe that it is a widespread practice which is being done in secret over significant land masses.

  2. onlyme 3 weeks ago

    Back in the dark ages I had to read Animal Farm as part of our required reading for a Political Science course. I have been think about the book lately.

    George Orwell wrote Animal Farm in 1945 wherein the over worked and mistreated farm animals overthrow their human masters. Orwell describes the importance of slogans to guide and control mobs. For the animals the slogan of choice was “Four legs are better than two”. Since the novel was satire based on the Bolshevik revolution in Russia which was eventually betrayed by Stalin there is of course a tragic ending.
    Once the animals succeed in gaining power the elite (Pigs in his novel) took over and modified their commandment “All animals are equal” with an amendment reading “but some animals are more equal than others”. Thus the pigs set up a more brutal suppressive dictatorship than the one the humans had before being overthrown.
    Slogans are still at the center of political dissent today but really good ones are difficult to create. In that sense “black lives matter” seems to have been a brilliant choice and I predict like the Pigs their Utopian system, whatever they choose to call it, will be just as brutal and suppressive.

  3. onlyme 3 weeks ago

    Random thoughts rattling around my head:

    1: If I wear a mask I shouldn’t need to keep away from people?
    2: If I keep away from people I shouldn’t have to wear a mask?
    3: If every major media corporation (Including Technology corporations) has the same message does that mean they are all controlled by the deep state?
    4: If the corporations are angry at the few political leaders who do not follow their demand and have now have bypassed government and are setting uniform guidelines they demand does that indicate centralized control?

    Benefits of the Fauci virus:
    1: They have all committed themselves and openly display their true colors. There is no logical reason not to believe them.
    2: It is now clear that we can not trust or believe government, corporate, medical, media, banking, religion, politicians or any other power structure existent in the world today.

  4. smitty 3 weeks ago

    Government directed lockdowns have and are destroying small business…to the delight of the bigs-Amazon, WalMart, Kroger’s, Home Depot, and the like.

    Watch food. Price increases as well as shortages.

    Expect food to be weaponized by authoritarian governments.

  5. mnpund 3 weeks ago

    The present situation shows why direct democracy does not work and that it leads to a tyranny of the masses. The freedom of the individual is dying, it’s almost finished. The great majority are bowing down to the state, this is the god that has been erected and which everyone is being commanded to worship.

  6. Craig Bradley 3 weeks ago


    Some will survive, but other will not survive. Just as in real War, the Rambos will be the first to go. If you want to survive, you have to learn how to blend-in and “keep your head down”, as they say. An ideal time to be the so-called Grey Man. Those who have wealth but choose to be ostentatious may appear as raw meat to the predators on the street. However, the bad guys don’t stay on the street; they crawl-in your window and steal. So, you have to be able to protect yourselves at all costs.

    Keep in-mind, there may come a time when you have to leave home because the costs of defending the Fort are too extreme or the odds of winning too long. So, you also need a LNCB bag with essentials ready to load in your vehicle ( Leave and Never Come Back ). At that point, you take your chances on-the-road with all the other urban refugees where your odds of long term survival are not so good.

    • alex.c 2 weeks ago

      If I lived in one of those major US cities, the ones that have suffered the worst from the riots, I believe I would do every thing I could to move my family to a less urban area.

      “Diversity is our Strength” is a mantra that has been repeated for years by the Globalists who wish to bring millions of migrants from Africa and the war-torn Middle-East. Many are now realising the Diversity is not a strength but a weakness.

      As soon as a system is put under unusual stress, people naturally re-group according to their race or religion. The most striking example to me is the way inmates behave in American Prisons.

      A friend of mine, a White South African, with several generations having lived in SA, recently fled his country. What he told me when we last spoke shocked me. He said “I am not a South African, I am a European born in Africa”. Although he has never spent more than a week in Europe and has no family there!

      In the current context, I could not help but think about the Black-Americans. They know that it was never their ancestors choice to leave Africa. At heart, to they feel the same way: As Africans who were born in America?
      This though helped me understand some of their anger.

      Christians will be in the minority by 2040 in the UK, and this is the fate of several European countries. There is no doubt in my mind that this is going to lead major violence and maybe even a Civil War which will be the newest Holy War. Or maybe the UK will just gradually turn into an Islamic Nation over a period of 2 or 3 centuries, the way Turkey has for example. To me this is extremely sad.

      I beg people to realise, that sadly, Diversity is not a strength. I truly admire the policies of countries such as Poland and Hungary. They know how bad Communism is and they know how to recognise is early. They have also watched in perplexity the Islamisation of rich Western European countries, and have politely refused Merkel’s order to “diversify” their populations!

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