Supply chains and shipping will be undependable for the rest of this year, Soren Skou, CEO of AP Moeller-Maersk, the world’s largest shipping line, said last week in comments announcing the company’s highest quarterly profit in its 117-year history.

The cost of shipping – and profits for Maersk and its competitors – will remain high through 2021 because of surging global demand as the world’s economy revives, he said in comments quoted by the Financial Times.

Maersk's U.S.-Asia routes usually require six ships but now need eight because vessels are waiting as long as 16 days outside Los Angeles's port to be unloaded.

“You can imagine what that does to global supply chains,” Skou said. “For our customers, it means our supply chains are unreliable.

“Because of all the delays around the world, every ship is deployed,” he added. “So if demand goes up, there are no more ships to bring in.”

He expects current “exceptionally high freight rates” to “probably come down at some point” but was unwilling to speculate when.

To ease constraints, Maersk is buying more containers to load onto its ships, he said.

The number of containers, an indicator of trade volume, grew 8.4 percent in this year’s first quarter, during which shipments from Asia to the U.S. grew 40 percent, the FT reported.

TRENDPOST: As with the supply change shortage, regardless of the product or service, it is another supply and demand equation that equals rising prices… which equals rising inflation. Thus, it is more than just commodities that are jacking prices up, its goods and services as well. 

  1. harlow53 1 year ago

    This supply chain disruption can be attributed to theCOVID-19 PLANDEMIC, WHO,, WEF, andGayes Foundation

  2. David Kallstrom 1 year ago

    You want to know what the real solution with this shitass conglomeration of totally dumbass humans posing as sentient beings in Washington D.C. and beyond is ?

  3. Eagle11 1 year ago

    Covid 19 was a non-threat. Many of us knew it a year ago but too many weak-minded cream puffs, and too many KARENS playing their favorite game – “Let’s become Mussolini”.

    The administration last year had to know what the truth was. But they just played along and perpetuated the fraud.

    If the Trump administration came clean on the covid fraud a year ago, NONE of what we are experiencing today would have come to pass. Even to this day he pushes the vaccine which is not a vaccine on the people.

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