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Gerald Celente’s track record when it comes to making predictions is unparalleled. He does it, not by tapping into some mythical, super-natural power, he does this by analyzing trends and, more often than not, the trends that he analyzes leads him to making the right predictions when it comes to cultural trends, when it comes to the economy, when it comes to politics.”  ~ Frank Morano, WABC Radio

Gerald Celente is “the top trends forecaster in the world.~ King World News

Celente is “more than just a prognosticator for markets. He is somebody who’s using the principals of Americanism to defend the idea of the enlightenment.” ~ The Shaun Thompson Radio Show

I highly recommend everybody getting Gerald Celente’s “unbelievable product,” The Trends Journal. ~ Robert Kiyosaki, The Rich Dad Radio Show

Take a look at to see an example of the excellent Trends Journal and no one does Trends Better than Gerald Celente. ~ David Knight, The David Knight Show

“Gerald has created something that is absolutely in a class by itself. There’s nothing else that compares. It’s the most remarkable news magazine I’ve ever seen, No commercials. Just knowledge, realty and truth ~ Jeff Rense, Rense Radio

 Just want you to know your journal is a fantastic piece of information for me down here in the South Pacific. I look forward too it every week and can’t wait for it to come to my in box. Your journal is a shining light which stands out head and shoulders above anything else and has given me new information every week that I never new existed, you sir should be very proud!  Take care and continue the excellent work ~ Barry Russ 

   I just wish to thank you for all the important information you gather in  your journal and in all the videos you produce. You have opened my eyes to see the world around us as it truly is. You have inspired me to raise my own voice and start to question our rulers. You speak as a gentleman with integrity. A true role model. So thank you once again for all you have done and are doing to keep us all enlightened during these gloomy times.  Divided we fall, united we stand. ~ Daniel H. 

“I have subscribed to the Trends Journal from Spain. Magnificent. Finally writers following logic. As Celente says, you do not need to dive through endless publications to have a honest 360 view of current events. I used to read The Economist and Business Week and the TJ is many times better.” ~ I. Alegre 

Trends Journal is the truth as always.” ~ Anonymous

             Best money I ever spent was on the magazine” ~ Red King Singh


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