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In these unprecedented times, in each comprehensive issue of the Trends Journal, our analysis of current events forming future trends is more critical to receive than ever before.

The Trends Journal is only news source on earth where you will see, read, and hear History Before It Happens®.  The more you are aware of what’s going on now, the better you can prepare for what’s next.

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Included in a subscription is a wealth of important information and analysis you won’t find anywhere else.

Analysis and forecasts in the Trends Journal cover geopolitics, global economies, the latest on the COVID pandemic, retail, new technology, health, education, and much more – backed by facts and designed to help you be aware and prepare.


“The Trends Journal gave me my life back! I used to spend 20 hrs. a week getting the info myself. Now, I read the Journal and I’m current.  It is well researched and well organized.”  ~ Kurt M.

“Subscriber to the Trends Journal for several months. Best investment of 2020. Thank you Gerald   for giving us the facts and speaking the truth.” ~ Jay S.

“I’ve been very impressed with Mr. Celente all along, but now I believe the Trends Journal is the only chance we have to navigate through these Orwellian days.” ~ Linda R.


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